HubSpot SEO Success with Cable Manufacturing Company

Cable Connector Manufacturer Achieves Success with HubSpot SEO

By Lara Nour EddineApr 1 /2021

For any manufacturer, setting yourself apart from the rest is paramount to remaining viable in today’s market. With Google continuing to dominate search results, being easily found through the search platform and ranking highly goes hand-in-hand with success.

With competitors ranking higher in search results, iCONN partnered with Kuno to employ our HubSpot SEO strategies and tactics. This HubSpot SEO program helped earn iCONN Systems many top rankings, featured snippets and a significant increase in organic traffic. Here’s how Kuno helped iCONN gain a 327% increase in organic traffic and more with HubSpot SEO.

The Need for an Advanced SEO Strategy

iCONN Systems is a cable connector manufacturer based in Lombard, Illinois. While they’ve done impeccably well for years through word-of-mouth referrals to gain new business and maintain repeat business, they wanted to explore the digital side of marketing. This began with a website redesign with Kuno Creative, and over the years, a growth-driven design approach to maintain and improve the site. 

As online platforms have become more sophisticated, iCONN looked to Kuno for the latest HubSpot SEO strategies for success. This included inbound marketing, email marketing, video marketing, demand generation and technical SEO services. The company improved its online presence and began driving traffic organically.

HubSpot SEO Strategies

Kuno provides basic SEO services with all content it produces, but can also offer a more advanced, strategic plan that digs deeper into technical SEO, such as competitor and data analysis. Kuno began analyzing iCONN’s website and content, then recommended strategies to help boost their rankings and drive organic traffic. The plan would be in effect over the course of a year to allow time for results to generate and to make adjustments as necessary in response to algorithm changes. Both Kuno and iCONN understand that marketing is a fluid process, and monitoring the progress of the SEO strategy could require changes along the way.

Over these 12 months, Kuno:

  • Improved SEO fundamentals such as meta descriptions, page titles and optimization of page copy
  • Targeted Featured Snippets and “People Also Ask” through Google
  • Monitored keywords that were generating conversions

The Results from Implementing Advanced HubSpot SEO

Out of these efforts, the results were so significant that we continued to monitor them for an additional year, making the total results over 24 months. They continued to generate positive results, such as:

  • Going from 0 to 73 keywords ranking in the “People Also Ask” section in Google search results, driving roughly 300 website visitors per month organically
  • Going from 1 to 8 Featured Snippets in Google search results, driving roughly 1,000 website visitors per month organically
  • Going from 802 organic sessions to 3,428, representing a 327% increase in organic traffic
  • Going from 360 to 1,509 keywords ranking in the Top 10 positions of organic search results for iCONN, representing a 482% increase
  • Going from 27 to 157 keywords in the Top 100, representing a 319% increase

Our team continues to optimize pages and monitor the site for new ways to improve SEO rankings. As search continues to evolve, we want the iCONN website to evolve with it.  

How Other Companies Can Benefit From Advanced SEO

SEO is so much more than having a target keyword with high search volume in mind when you are creating content. Backlinks, website audits and content improvements are just a few of the ways to improve your website’s SEO health and overall user experience. These targeted efforts will drive users to your website who will get the most out of your content and ultimately have a higher chance of converting.

Making these types of SEO modifications to your website will help your company appear in the search results of users who need your products or services by answering search queries with your website’s content. It will demonstrate to users that your company is well-versed in your industry and can provide the expertise they need. Lastly, it will help expand your company’s visibility and attract new audiences. Kuno supports this by staying on top of SEO updates and developments when they happen and determining the most effective way to promote your brand.

To learn more about how well Kuno’s SEO services worked for iCONN Systems, check out our case study.

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Lara Nour Eddine
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Lara Nour Eddine

With years of experience as a brand journalist, Lara shifted roles within Kuno to manage client relationships as an account manager. She puts her storytelling skills to use from her journalism days to help develop a big-picture strategy for clients and to execute tactics that best achieve results. Lara has worked in journalism and public relations. She also serves as an adjunct professor.