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Your brand experience is every interaction a customer has with you and how it makes them feel. What really matters is creating a belief and experience that has a lasting value. A strong belief in your brand and a strong brand experience creates that value and, in turn, creates a lifelong customer.

Brand experience strategy isn’t just for newly established brands. Well-established brands need brand experience help, too.

If your brand is established, several things can affect how customers experience it —including mergers and acquisitions, new product launches, or changes in your company culture. And as your company grows, maintaining a consistent brand experience becomes more and more difficult. That’s where Kuno can help.

The Brand Experience Ecosystem

Your message and content, SEO, UX, and design all play an important role in your brand experience, while paid advertising amplifies it. All these elements need to be working together to create a cohesive brand. If just one is missing, your brand won’t be as easily found or recognized.

At Kuno, we focus on the brand experience ecosystem to engage your prospects and customers so they keep coming back.

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How We Focus on Brand Experience


The experiences your prospects and buyers encounter during and after a sale complete your brand identity. It includes everything from your value proposition, your communications both in text and imagery, and the value you deliver.

Your website should never be stagnant. Craft digital experiences to target and resonate with your audience by optimizing your site for growth through UX, strategic content and comprehensive sales tools.
From email marketing and content creation to lead nurturing and go-to-market strategies, video should be a part of your current digital marketing strategies. If it's not, your company can begin to realize the benefits of effective video marketing by working with our multimedia experts.
Capture the attention of your prospects and keep them engaged with thought leadership content created by identifying relevant insights for your target audience. Turn potential buyers into loyal customers by providing the information they crave.
With UX best practices in place, such as analyzing recorded user sessions and heat maps, brands can avoid missing opportunities to serve their audiences and instead turn those potential leads into customers.
Build a lasting and meaningful relationship with your prospects and buyers through events. We start by developing strategically segmented and highly creative campaigns to drive visitors to your event or booth then design sensory brand experiences for their arrival.
Your social media presence helps you build brand loyalty through voice and visual consistencies. We help you offer the right message at the right time on the right platform to make the greatest impact on your target audience.

Our Work

Kuno Creative does award-winning branding work for B2B and B2C companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology and manufacturing.

B2B Wholesale Distributors

After rebrand orchid grower experiences immediate & sustained growth

Consumer Services Website

Website redesign increases organic leads by 181%
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What Sets Kuno Apart?

We Know How to Amplify Your Brand’s Voice
Because we are one of the few full-service agencies with multimedia experts, brand journalists and designers under one roof, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality, custom content. Our team interviews, researches and crafts consistent and relevant pieces that align with your goals and excite your audience.
Experienced Team

We have been a creative agency long before entering the digital marketing space, which gives us unique experience with brand consistency. Our team can help you create and implement your brand experience ecosystem — multimedia experts, brand journalists, designers, demand generation experts, and more. And we all come together to help you achieve your goals.

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