Influencers: Using Social Power To Do Good During COVID-19

Influencers: Using Social Power To Do Good During COVID-19

By Brandon ZingaleMay 5 /2020

By now, a lot of us have heard the term “influencer.” Usually, an influencer promotes brands and services on social media, but in times like this, it’s thoughtful for an influencer to use their social influence to do good. Whether they are building COVID-19 awareness or creating a social challenge to do your part in helping others, their message is key.

People build trust with influencers they enjoy, and influencers who are spreading awareness will help educate more people on the pandemic we are facing today.

Here are a few ways social influencers are using their power to help others.

4 Influencers Helping Others During COVID-19

1. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star, one of the wealthiest YouTube makeup gurus, posted on Twitter asking those in need to share their Cash App handle and the hashtag #JeffreeStarApproved. He sent cash to as many responders as he could before he hit the Cash App limit.

influencers-do-good-covid19With so many out of jobs, this is an amazing way to help those out in need.

2. Kylie Jenner

Jenner used her enormous Instagram following of 167 million to post Instagram stories after the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams reached out to Jenner to get the message across to her fans.

“I know I’ve already been doing my daily reminders about how important it is right now to practice social distancing and self-quarantine. I’m going on my ninth day. The coronavirus is a real thing. I listened to the Surgeon General this morning…he definitely encouraged me to come on here and talk to you guys,” Jenner said. Sharing her message is important, as it can help her followers be more aware and understanding of the issue, plus, as an influencer, she already has people who trust her and what she has to say.

With a social following in the 100 millions, these are the influencers who can change the way people see COVID-19. It can make the biggest impact just from one tweet or one Instagram share.

3. Finland Influencers

Finland recently enlisted influencers to inform people about the coronavirus pandemic, saying that they are just as useful as mainstream media. This helps spread the word to those who are not in front of traditional media.

4. Stephen Mewad

YouTuber Stephen Mewad, whose videos receive over 200,000 views per day, announced that he is donating his profits to COVID-19 victims. Through his website where he sells grooming products, 100% of the sales will go to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Other Ways Influencers Can Help During COVID-19

Are you an influencer looking to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some suggestions:

  • Send out supplies to followers who need it, or send a message asking others to share their items.
  • Inspire followers with fun and fulfilling activities to do while they are stuck inside.
  • Hold a community item drop-off, where people within your community can drop off food and supplies to those out of a job.
  • Build a neighborhood group on Facebook to discuss COVID-19 topics, build awareness, and help keep your neighborhood safe during this crisis.

Influencers, big or small, can help out in so many ways. It doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 followers or 10 million followers, everyone’s message is important during these times. If you can help out just one person from social messaging, you have been successful in using your following to do good.


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