Consumer Brand Increases Sales with Targeted Campaigns

Consumer Brand Increases Sales by 200%

By Alexis JaffeOct 21 /2021

Flower retailer Just Add Ice has one mission: To be the go-to source for plants and plant care needs. To get to that point, the company needed help raising brand awareness and content that would drive sales through its e-commerce website. JAI partnered with Kuno Creative to employ our SEO and content marketing campaign strategies, and they were very happy with the results.

Here’s how Kuno helped Just Add Ice increase online sales by 200% and blog views by 493%. 

The Need for Brand Awareness and Increased Sales

In 2009, parent company Green Circle Growers launched Just Add Ice, a brand dedicated to its ice watering method for orchids, anthuriums and money trees. Green Circle came to Kuno for help promoting this new brand and putting JAI on the map.

Since JAI initially partnered with Kuno, their needs have evolved with the changing market and the expectation has been that Kuno keeps up with those needs. Over the years, Kuno has brought new strategies to the table as needed, such as SEO, paid media and new technology.

The challenge arose to identify the best times and methods to drive customers to make online purchases. With this challenge in mind, Kuno designed a strategy using content marketing, SEO and demand generation that would push the right plant products out of the greenhouse at the right time.

HubSpot SEO and Content Strategies

To achieve this goal, Kuno designed a plan to use SEO, demand gen and content marketing to promote specific products based on season and availability. All of JAI’s campaigns are planned around major holidays, as well as other important events like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Indoor Plant Week and wedding season.

Kuno’s SEO team moved forward with completing keyword research and the content team created messaging to attract the right visitors.

The Results

The SEO and content team’s work resulted in a huge gain in contacts (leads, opportunities and customers) over the last three years. Calls-to-action strategically placed within that content helped drive customer conversions. In just three years, Just Add Ice’s contact database increased by 42%.

Other results:

  • Organic traffic drastically increased from 4,834 to 219,556.
  • Keywords ranking in Google’s top 10 increased from 2,262 to 3,114
  • Keywords ranking in the top 100 also increased from 7,963 to 12,588
  • Total sales increased by 200%
  • Blog views increased by 493%
  • Online orders increased by 74%

How Other eComm Companies Can Benefits From SEO and Content Campaigns

The Just Add Ice and Kuno teams are consistently coming up with new ideas to take the brand to the next level. Both teams are always thinking ahead and meet customers where they are with content that addresses their plant needs and questions.

SEO is more than having a target keyword with high search volume in mind while creating new content. It includes backlinks, website audits and content improvements — all ways to improve your website’s SEO health and user experience. Any targeted efforts will drive prospective customers to your site. They’ll get the most they can out of your content and have a higher chance of converting.

To learn more about how well Kuno’s SEO and content services worked for Just Add Ice, read our case study.

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