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Healthcare Companies

Build an Engaged Online Audience with Content Marketing

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According to a Pew Internet survey, 80 percent of Internet users have looked online for answers to their health questions. Yet many healthcare companies shy away from creating online content because of their industry’s extensive regulations. After all, the ramifications of misleading or incorrect content are much greater than if you were a software company. However, embracing content marketing by working with an experienced healthcare marketing partner can lead to significant benefits.

Keys to Success in Marketing Your Healthcare Company Online

Buyer Insight and Content Strategy

Develop a Content Focus - Buyer Insight and Content Strategy

Just as physicians specialize in the type of medicine they practice, healthcare companies should pinpoint what they want to be found for online. Do this by:

  • Conducting industry and competitor research
  • Interviewing patients and other audiences
  • Defining buyer personas and the buyer journey
  • Developing a content marketing strategy
Shareable Content and Thought Leadership

Get More People Involved - Shareable Content and Thought Leadership

Many people within your company are likely quick to tell you writing is not their strong point. Furthermore, they say, they don’t have the time to consistently write blogs or whitepapers. You can get more people involved with content marketing by:

  • Creating shareable content like infographics or videos
  • Curating content from other reputable healthcare sources
  • Sharing content created by your online community
  • Designating company thought leaders
Strategic Partnerships and Audience Involvement

Maintain an Engaged Audience - Strategic Partnerships and Audience Involvement

To solidify your company as a dominant healthcare player and drive tangible benefits, your focus should turn to combining your resources to expand your content marketing networks and delighting your online community. Do this by:

  • Developing strategic partnerships with other healthcare companies
  • Creating micro-communities
  • Sharing uplifting and inspirational stories to forge emotional connections
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