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Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing Pricing


How much does Digital Marketing Cost with Kuno?

Unlike other agencies, we don’t bundle predetermined services into a package for a preset amount and hope for the best. Each client has unique needs, so what works for one will not necessarily work for another. Because of this, each marketing program we craft is customized to our client’s goals and challenges, timing requirements, overall budget and internal resources.

As a general rule of thumb, our fees are similar to what you would pay for two to three employee’s yearly salaries ($7,500 - $20,000 per month), plus a budget for paid media advertising. For that amount, you’ll get an entire team, including a consultant, brand journalist, designer, technologist and demand generation expert.

We typically work with both B2B and B2C companies with $50 million+ in annual revenue, and a digital marketing budget greater than $250,000.

Inbound Marketing and Sales

Tell me about Kuno's inbound methodology.

Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects’ attention. This is often achieved by creating quality content that is of interest to your target audience, and then promoting that content through many digital channels. We bring the experience of one of the original and fastest growing HubSpot Partner Agencies to the table.

Interested in Inbound? Here’s our guide “Buy-in, Budgets, and Best Practices” to more fully describe our methodology.

How do you measure success, both short- and long-term?

It’s important to establish clear objectives and metrics that match your business goals. Our strength is to be able to use this information to build specific inbound and outbound campaigns that achieve these goals. A common measure of success can be lowering your customer acquisition cost (CAC) as revenue grows by leveraging an integrated approach of outbound media spends and inbound leads. Another common, long-term measure of success would be reducing the length of the sales cycle, especially for larger-ticket items.

You can see more short-term measurements in our Content Marketing KPI checklist.

How do you create a content marketing strategy?

Our team leverages a number of resources to develop content at every step of the process. It begins with our persona assessment and stakeholder interviews. This process allows us not only to create an image of the various target segments, but also to look for important keywords that drive our research. Using this data, we create a “Buyer's Journey” that helps steer the content creation toward keywords that drive traffic and increase your online visibility.

You can get a better idea of our content marketing process in our eBook “Conquering Content Marketing: Getting it Right from the Start.

What marketing automation tools do you use, and how often?

We use the HubSpot sales and marketing software to go beyond email marketing, so you can scale your growth and spend less time on repetitive tasks. This enables our customers to use campaigns to move prospects further down the funnel and generate more qualified leads. Advanced segmentation logic is used to determine exactly who gets enrolled in what marketing automation workflows and when. Emails for each recipient can be personalized using specific lead-intelligence details from your contacts database or CRM.

You can learn more in our “Creating Content for Marketing Automation” guide.

What information would you need to ensure successful campaign management?

To get the most out of your marketing campaigns, we need to have regular communications and meetings with leaders from your sales and marketing department to continuously identify and evolve the top KPIs (key performance indicators). We need regular feedback on the quality of the leads and the sales results from campaigns. We also need the ability to have closed-loop reporting, ie. an integration between the sales and marketing software (HubSpot) and a CRM (which could also be the HubSpot CRM or a CRM that can be integrated with HubSpot).

You can see all the HubSpot factors we consider in our new eBook “Improve Your HubSpot ROI.

What does your reporting look like, including your ongoing communication with the client?

Reporting tools include Inbound Scorecard, PPC Monthly Report, and Interactive PPC Dashboard built with Google and our Clients Benchmark.

Demand Generation

How do you get the most out of our PPC budget?

To get the most out of any PPC campaign, we continually optimize campaigns, closely monitor various ranking factors (such as bid and quality score) and, most importantly, conversion metrics. By ensuring a properly measured conversion metrics model, optimizing a PPC account not only on conversion costs, but also on conversion revenue, can help ensure that your PPC campaign is successful.

You can view some of our PPC success in this case study about our partnership with Lawn Dawg.

Ad Management Pricing Calculator

How do you supplement your PPC efforts?

We implement a Demand Generation program for building immediate success and leverage the keyword/search data to build long-term SEO success with inbound marketing. By combining these efforts, we are able to use data to build campaigns around traffic that not only drives visitors to your website but also converts those visitors into customers. Additionally, we leverage different distribution platforms to market to consumers at every step of the decision-making process, ensuring our messaging aligns with their needs.

Will Facebook Advertising Work for My B2B Company?

Our team investigates every advertising platform/opportunity for your company, ultimately deciding if it can help your organization meet its business objectives. However, Facebook has become a great advertising platform for B2B companies because of its wide usage (1 out of every 5 web page views are Facebook) and the fact that a majority of our personal lives bleed into our professional lives (most Facebook users are on the platform between 1pm - 3pm). Because Facebook advertising allows you to target individuals by job title, industry, company and many more options, it is a perfect platform for B2B companies looking to reach individuals while they are at work or home checking in on Facebook.

Brand Experience

What is Brand Experience?

The promise. The proof. Experiences that Engage.

Kuno’s vision of brand experience focuses on writing and designing enticing experiences that bring potential clients into a lasting and meaningful relationship with brands people believe in.

From brand identity to voice and tone development, Kuno ensures all brand aspects are clear and consistent through website design strategy, content and blogging strategies, multimedia production and graphic design for digital and print initiatives. We work to align all elements with your overall marketing and campaign objectives.

What Is kunoXdesign (Web Design)?

Starting with buyer personas and a competitor analysis, we create a buyer insight-driven digital strategy that applies to all of your web properties, including your websites, blogs, landing pages, forms, email templates and website content.

In the design and development phases, we look to apply a blend of philosophies, drawing from growth-driven design, user experience design and progressive enhancement-based mobile design.

As a result, you benefit from the opportunity to offer your buyers customized experiences, clear paths to conversion and high-value design and content.

What Are Your Multimedia Video Production Offerings?

Our multimedia team creates premium, high-quality digital marketing videos that successfully engage potential buyers and align with overall marketing strategy and goals.

Do You Provide Customized Digital Content Design?

From interactive webpages and eye-catching infographics to educational eBooks and must-have guides, our brand experience experts know how to capture the attention of your target audiences and keep them engaged through consistent online experiences.

How Do You Approach Brand Identity Design & Development?

Whether you are in need of a logo refresh, a new logo and brand identity or if you are happy with your current direction but don’t have a style guide, we can help you define and enhance your brand. We'll ensure you have the tools to keep your brand identity, voice and tone consistent across all digital and non-digital forms of visual communication to develop long lasting and meaningful relationships with customers. Our job is to help your organization connect more quickly with potential clients.

Working with Kuno

How long are service periods with Kuno Creative?

For inbound marketing services: 6-36 months

For inbound marketing website design: 4-12 months

What are your strengths as a company? What are your weaknesses?

We have been on the cutting edge of the inbound marketing evolution since the beginning, pushing the boundaries of what our clients can do with an integrated strategy. Our core values—teamwork, being proactive and taking ownership—have allowed us to create a company culture that celebrates the individual talents of all our team members at Kuno. It’s that team of consultants, designers, brand journalists, demand generation experts and technologists that have helped hundreds of clients reach success over the last 20 years.

Kuno has been named HubSpot Agency of the Year and is a three-time winner of the Happiest Clients Award. We are also a Google Premier Partner and Inc. 5000 winner.

One of the challenges we continue to face is educating our clients’ existing sales staff about how to also sell to inbound leads. They need assistance in learning how to embrace the recent technologies, which make the sales process easier and more enjoyable for prospects. Our services include consulting on the alignment between sales and marketing to help continuously evolve this process.

How do you ensure continuing education for your employees? Where, with whom, and how often?

Our employees have to get recurring certifications from Hubspot, Google, and Facebook on a yearly basis equaling more than 100 certifications overall. We have also engaged HubSpot employees to run “bootcamps” at our offices.

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