Why You Should Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

6 Reasons You Should Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

By Karen TaylorAug 31 /2021

As the digital revolution matures, digital marketing has entered a whole new level of demand in the marketplace. There are more and more companies increasing their digital footprint, which increases your competition online.

Competing in the digital world requires much more than just running ads or posting updates on social media. It requires strategic planning, high-impact promotional methods, ongoing analysis — and everything in between. To meet the demands requires a powerful digital marketing plan. And that often means hiring a seasoned digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing is a data-driven discipline that focuses on digital channels, like websites, social media platforms, email, mobile apps and search engines. It revolves around a company’s online presence. The goal is to position a company as the market leader by creating digital content that establishes expertise and brand authority.

Among the many services offered by digital marketing agencies are:

  • Mapping a strategic buyer’s journey
  • Creating content strategies that consistently deliver compelling content
  • Creating robust websites that showcase a brand’s leadership, products and services
  • Creating SEO strategies that boost organic search rankings
  • Launching compelling social media marketing strategies
  • Measuring results and making informed decisions throughout the entire process

Is Your Company Ready to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

In the daily rush to develop your products and serve your existing customers, you may not realize when it’s time to level up your marketing with the help of a skilled digital marketing agency. Here are six signs your company is ready.

1. Your Website is Outdated and Traffic is Declining

If you haven’t updated your website within the past two years or if your website traffic is declining, or both, it’s a strong signal that your marketing is not as powerful as it could be. In an effective digital marketing plan, your website is your home base. It’s where leads go to understand your products and take actions that help turn them into prospects and then customers.

Everything else you do to market your company feeds into your website. If people aren’t impressed when they arrive, they can easily lose interest. What’s more, outdated content can hurt your Google rankings. As such, you need an updated, mobile-friendly and responsive website immediately.

If your website is no longer working for your business goals and demands, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency. Having an experienced digital team dedicated to your brand’s marketing, optimization and growth will help keep your website vibrant and productive.

2. You’re Struggling to Stay Current on Social Media Platforms

No modern content marketing campaign is complete without a social media presence. If you’re lagging in followers and engagement on social media, it means you’re not doing something right.

One critical link often missing from social media strategies is a lack of fresh ideas. Successful social media campaigns are built on compelling and unique posts on topics that are interesting to your buyer personas. Better content can help boost traffic, engagement and conversions.

If your social media presence isn’t working and you don’t know how to fix it, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency. Working with a social media-savvy agency gives you a powerful connection to a team of people who are always thinking about generating new and compelling social posts.  

3. You Aren’t Tracking Key Analytics

As they say, what gets measured gets improved. Despite the value of tracking and measuring key metrics, this step too often falls to the wayside as other business needs take priority. Analyzing metrics is the heart and soul of a digital marketing agency’s approach because, for them, results inform everything else they do.

Not only will your agency track and measure your metrics, but it will also interpret them in ways that inform your overall marketing program. They’ll know what’s working and what’s not and be able to make better decisions going forward. Gathering this insight provides an enormous opportunity to achieve your marketing and sales goals — from generating more leads to converting more leads into prospects to turning more prospects into sales.

If you don’t want to miss out on the power of tracking analytic metrics, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency. Through constant analysis, your agency will know exactly what is happening with your website, social media and marketing campaigns at all times — and they’ll aim for continually improving your results.

4. You Lack Digital Marketing Skills In-House

You’re the expert when it comes to your company and products. But digital marketing is not your strong suit. That’s perfectly OK. In fact, it’s smart to spend your time where it’s needed most — focusing on your core business. It’s also smart to hire professionals who are great at digital marketing.

Along with bringing a robust set of digital marketing skills to the table, your agency will also keep up with the latest and greatest developments in digital marketing. This discipline is rapidly evolving with new best practices and tools being developed almost daily. Knowing what’s working now versus what worked yesterday is critical in such a dynamic arena.

If you lack leading-edge digital marketing skills and want to spend your valuable time building your core business, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency. The symbiosis of your company’s business strengths with an agency’s digital marketing strengths will compound your business’s success exponentially.

5. You’re Experiencing a Decline in Leads or Sales

When there’s a market for your products and services and you have a good sales team and competitive pricing but your sales are not improving, the missing ingredient is likely your marketing program. In fact, lagging sales are often an indication of ineffective marketing. A digital marketing agency can help revive lagging sales by launching an inbound marketing strategy that will reach your key buyer personas where they are online, with the content they want to see. 

If you need a marketing approach that improves your inflow of leads, prospects and sales, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency. By partnering with a proven team, you gain a marketing approach that integrates your sales process and marketing strategies in powerful ways.

6. Your Business is Booming and You Want to Enhance Your Brand Long-Term

If your company is in the midst of a rapid expansion in customers and sales, now is a perfect time to enhance your brand reputation and maximize your success. This means establishing your company as a leader in the marketplace. The right digital marketing agency can help you achieve this goal.

The broader marketplace should know who you are, your areas of expertise and how your system will benefit them. Your digital marketing agency will clarify your brand image and messaging. They’ll ensure that your entire digital marketing program reflects your brand message and that you’re targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.

If your company is growing rapidly and needs expert help to maximize your growth, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency. By partnering with a team of professionals, you are adding fuel for additional growth potential to the lifeblood of your business. 

Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Once you’ve determined that now is the time to hire a digital marketing agency, the next step is selecting the right agency to help your business grow. Asking the right questions is a powerful way to determine which agency is the right digital marketing partner for your company. Dig deep into their experience, processes and strengths, and choose the agency that can help you expand your digital footprint and your leadership position in your marketplace.  

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