Real Estate Investment Company Experiences Success with Kuno PPC

Real Estate Investment Company Experiences Success with Kuno PPC

By Lara Nour EddineOct 10 /2019

At Kuno, we take pride in our ability to help clients in a wide variety of industries. Whether it’s one of our core verticals or a niche area, we find creative ways to deliver successful outcomes by using best practices.

Recently, Kuno experienced client success with a real estate investment company by using best practices in PPC, expanding on and improving their current efforts. Here’s how we optimized their PPC ads, brought down their costs and achieved positive results — all within an eight-month timeframe.

The Challenge

The real estate investment company approached Kuno after its efforts with another agency were not producing the desired results, particularly when it came to cost. Their cost per conversion when they began working with Kuno was $150 per lead — which is high for any industry.

There was a lack of transparency between the company and their previous agency, which was something Kuno was able to easily rectify early in our relationship. Kuno holds regular meetings with its clients to answer questions and make all work in progress understood. With this client, we hosted weekly meetings to ensure both sides were in agreement and on the same page about the targeted keywords, budget and the tone of the ads.

Demand Generation Strategy: Focus on Best Practices

Kuno started by reviewing the current efforts and determining ways to best utilize their budget. This is where best practice came into play — best practices are meant to yield the best results possible, and by having Kuno implement them, they were able to quickly see positive changes. The best practices Kuno used for Google PPC campaigns included:

  • Restructuring the campaigns with keywords based on search data
  • Updating the way goals were structured in Google
  • Shifting match types from broad-match keywords to broad-match modified and exact match
  • Developing long-form content for landing pages with specific information
  • Implementing frequency capping to limit the number of times people would see the same ads in a given timeframe
  • Adjusting targeting opportunities for demographics

Kuno also took a look at the company’s Facebook campaigns and restructured them by:

  • Broadening the target locations
  • Employing search-based targeting for borrowers, lenders and investors
  • Adding variations of campaigns
  • Incorporating pillar pages, video and long-form content into landing pages

Initial Results

Within the first two months of implementing these strategies, the real estate investment company saw an increased click-through rate (CTR) that was up 28% year-over-year as well as a decrease in cost per conversion, down to $69 from $150.

With the success of these updates, Kuno began building new campaigns and ads from the ground up. We developed the strategy, content and design in-house, bringing together team members from various departments and utilizing each one’s expertise to create new campaigns. Five months into the Kuno agreement, the real estate development company began seeing even more impressive results.

The Kuno Campaign Strategy

The new campaign targeted the clients’ three main audiences: investors, borrowers and lenders. A separate landing page was created for each persona, with robust content that included client testimonials and trust symbols to improve quality score and provide visitors with the information they needed on the company to make an informed decision.

Within three months of the pages being live, the new campaign saw positive results, including:

  • Click-through rate increased by 7.94%
  • Conversion rate increased by 14.52%
  • Cost-per-conversion decreased to $79.07

Continued Optimization and Transparency

As Kuno continues to work with the real estate investment company on demand generation, we pursued improvements to our strategies based on results and client needs. We’ve recently refined the on-page SEO attributes for pages with high-ranking keywords and are monitoring their progress regularly. With additional funding available to allocate toward demand generation efforts, we were able to double the Facebook budget and get creative with ideas and strategies to target ideal audiences. We increased the PPC budget by 66%, including a competitor campaign with a new landing page.

Having a collaborative agency-client relationship is the key to success— it takes both sides actively sharing their knowledge and expertise to make all efforts run smoothly. Having a team of experts in paid advertising, writing and design all contribute to this success but having the input of the client rounds out all efforts and ties it together.

Are you interested in partnering with an agency that can breathe new life into your marketing and take your efforts to the next level? Schedule a consultation with Kuno Creative today.

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Lara Nour Eddine
The Author

Lara Nour Eddine

With years of experience as a brand journalist, Lara shifted roles within Kuno to manage client relationships as an account manager. She puts her storytelling skills to use from her journalism days to help develop a big-picture strategy for clients and to execute tactics that best achieve results. Lara has worked in journalism and public relations. She also serves as an adjunct professor.