Choosing the Right Partner for Your CRM Integration [VIDEO]

Choosing the Right Partner for Your CRM Integration [VIDEO]

By Kuno Creative VideosSep 25 /2015


Investing in a CRM can be a daunting task. With robust platforms like Salesforce, companies risk the chance of using the software incorrectly, thus causing headaches rather than sales.

When preparing for your CRM integration, it is important to understand how the software should meet the goals of both your marketing and sales teams. In this short video, Kuno Creative Marketing Technology Director Dan Stasiewski talks about the importance of working with a service provider that not only understands the setup of the software, but also the strategy behind it. 

Video Transcript:

Companies will implement Salesforce, and they won't do it right. And they'll never feel like they're getting the most out of their money. They are getting large in-house teams to manage their Salesforce for them, or they're working with an outside Salesforce consulting company because Salesforce is such a massive environment.

When it comes to the software platforms, you kind of need a different type of consultation with marketing platforms because you need somebody who's going to help with the setup of it—but you also need somebody who understands the strategy.

If you don't have somebody who understands that strategy side of things, and can articulate how the software works to meet the goals, then you're going do a lot of guessing, and you're going to hope that things are set up right, and you're going to do a lot of learning that can be done faster.

That's hard for some people to kind of take into account because any marketing software that's out there, it has so much potential to it, but there's also the side of things where you need to know what that potential is combined with what your organization's actual needs are.