6 Ways to Get More Mileage From Healthcare Digital Marketing Content

6 Ways to Get More Mileage From Healthcare Digital Marketing Content

By Jessy SmulskiFeb 18 /2020

From mounting regulations and consumer distrust to an unusual market structure that puts insurance companies between providers and patients, healthcare digital marketing teams navigate one of the most stringent and challenging industries in the market. It’s high time you’re given a break from marketing advice that beckons more of your time, money and effort. Today, we’re going to show you how to get extra mileage out of your healthcare digital marketing content to maximize ROI and support greater distribution consistency.

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6 Content Strategies For Your Healthcare Digital Marketing

1. Transcribe Your Videos

When video marketing skyrocketed, and the internet went abuzz with headlines like Video Killed the Content Star, content writers rolled their eyes and kept writing. Of course, video and video SEO is an essential part of your healthcare digital marketing strategy. But nothing beats a vibrant digital page teeming with keyword- and link-rich copy, ripe for the indexing. Why? Because search bots cannot crawl video content.

The good news? You can get the best out of both marketing tactics. Transcribe your videos by publishing transcripts as supplementary information alongside the videos or as a stand-alone article (with a little formatting and editing, of course).

2. Update and Republish Older Content

Here’s something that rarely falls from a content marketer’s mouth—the most impactful tactic Kuno Creative used in 2019 also happens to be the easiest and most cost-effective. We experimented with republishing old content and increased viewership for one client by 375%!

You can do the same with your top-performing blogs. Review analytics from the last few years to identify your front-runners. Update pertinent information, such as healthcare statistics, the mention of specific years, and timely medical news. If an older article ranked high on Google, be sure to incorporate the same keyword(s) when you update the content. Deactivate the old URL, and republish the updated content under a new URL for 2020.

3. Turn One Webinar Into Three New Assets

Health, treatment and prevention webinars require a ton of time and energy to produce. Maximize the time and resources you already allocated by turning the presentation into a YouTube video.

Bonus points if you incorporate tip No.1 (above) by transcribing your webinar-turned-video, and transform one valuable content asset into three.

4. Convert Presentation Slides Into Visual Content

Buddy up with your sales department and repurpose their presentation slides. Unless you’re targeting bottom-funnel leads, don’t forget to run slides through a round of editing to strip away over-salesy verbiage and adjust for top- or mid-funnel audiences. Next, you have three options:

  1. Upload and publish the presentation in SlideShare.
  2. Publish slides that feature an interesting statistic, quote or insight independently as a graphic tile on social media.
  3. Pull charts, graphs and statistics from the presentation and repackage the content as an infographic.

5. Turn Multiple Interviews Into Expert Advice

Trust is a critical issue in healthcare digital marketing that, frankly cannot be fixed without involvement from physicians. Content marketers sit on a treasure trove of audio files and transcripts from interviews with subject matter experts (just ask my idling MacBook). Generally, we only use fractions of interviews to inform articles and other content assets, leaving valuable scraps to collect dust in our hard drive storage. Why not compile the best advice and insights from several relevant interviews, pull some direct quotes, and publish them as one high-value article or downloadable resource? Featuring experts in your content is a powerful way to revive consumer confidence and establish your organization as an authority in the healthcare space.

6. Turn Blog Posts into Top Tips Newsletters

The average open rate for email marketing in the healthcare category is about 33%. In other words, growing and finding unique ways to engage your subscriber lists is well worth the attention and effort. One way to incentivize subscribers is by giving them a concentrated dose of only the most valuable information you’ve distributed recently. Identify your top-performing blogs from the last quarter, skim the best details off the top, and put them together like a highlight reel. Include links to each full-scale article to earn more traffic without having to produce more content.

Going Forward

As you repurpose content this year to sustain a consistent strategy, keep in mind the fact that healthcare consumers start their patient journey online. As such, they are driving a higher demand for mobile-friendly content that addresses common patient questions quickly and in layman terms. Get in front of the latest healthcare digital marketing trends and leverage opportunities that your competitors may be missing to pull ahead and better support patients online and in person.

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