5 Reasons Why Your LMS Company Should Deploy the HubSpot Inbound Sales and Marketing Platform

How an LMS Company Can Benefit From HubSpot

By Karen TaylorMay 25 /2021

The learning management software (LSM) industry is in a high-growth phase — which has accelerated due to several factors, including today’s changing workforce demographics, technological innovations in the workplace and a shift to a work-from-home culture.

Today, more organizations than ever are looking for a next-generation learning platform, so they can transform their employee learning programs to meet the new demands.  

With more companies looking to buy, the growth is a boon for LMS companies. However, they are also facing a significant challenge: their competition. Just as the number of LMS customers is growing, so is the number of LMS providers. By early 2021, there were an estimated 700 to 900 learning platform providers competing in the same space.

This means that today’s LMS companies need a significant advantage to win out over their competitors. One powerful way to gain the lead is to deploy a sophisticated inbound marketing and sales platform. One of today’s leading inbound platforms is HubSpot. It’s a full-feature software application that has been built specifically to attract prospects, nurture leads and turn them into customers. It delivers everything companies need to run sophisticated and effective inbound marketing campaigns — including tools for marketing, sales and support.  

With HubSpot, companies are better equipped to manage sales and marketing activities efficiently and effectively nurture prospects throughout the buyer's journey — everything a modern LMS company needs to gain a competitive edge.

5 Advantages of the HubSpot Platform for an LMS Company

HubSpot brings five powerful capabilities to the competitive LMS playing field all in one application — customer relationship management (CRM), a content management system (CMS) hub, a marketing hub, a sales hub and a service hub.

Here’s how your company can benefit from all of these capabilities.

1. The HubSpot CRM Platform — Everything Works Together

HubSpot's CRM platform provides the tools you need to build and grow optimum customer experiences — no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey. As an added bonus, all of your functions — marketing, sales, service and operations — will work within the same system of record. This gives your company a smoother handoff between teams and delivers a more delightful experience to your prospects and customers.

The HubSpot CRM platform delivers these marketing and sales advantages for your LMS company:

  • Gain a proven structure for meeting buyers where they are on their buying journey
  • Unify your marketing, sales and service databases for more control and greater results
  • Share content and context between teams to speed up contact activity
  • Organize and track customer communication to remain in the loop
  • Gain responsive support and customer service to avoid the high cost of downtime


2. The HubSpot CMS Hub — Power Up Your Website

Managing content is essential to a well-oiled inbound marketing program. To achieve optimized results, your CMS needs to easily create and personalize website pages for every visitor. HubSpot’s CMS Hub delivers several advantages thanks to a wide range of web tools, including website themes, SEO recommendations, a drag-and-drop editor and more.

The HubSpot CMS Hub delivers these marketing and sales advantages for your LMS company:

  • Easily create remarkable web experiences
  • Personalize and optimize your website
  • Manage your website at scale

Tools in the HubSpot CMS Hub include:

  • Website themes: HubSpot provides pre-built themes with options for customized development, which makes it easy to launch a website that is already optimized for success.  
  • SEO recommendations: Discover new insight on how to improve your website.
  • Adaptive testing: Continuously optimize your website effortlessly.
  • Contact attribution reporting: Discover which types of content and campaigns are driving the most leads for your business, so you can make the most of your marketing and sales program. 

3. The HubSpot Marketing Hub — Achieve Better Results

Marketers’ jobs are getting more challenging. They have to juggle multiple projects, campaigns, content, goals and results — all while continuing to attract new leads and move them down the buyer’s journey. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub supports marketers throughout the entire process — so businesses can achieve their marketing goals.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub delivers these marketing and sales advantages for your LMS company:

  • Attract the attention of more quality leads
  • Convert more leads into viable prospects
  • Report and customize every campaign

Popular features in the HubSpot Marketing Hub include:

  • Blog publishing: This feature lets you publish highly targeted content for your specific audience, so your company can get discovered in search and on social media.
  • Ad tracking and management: It’s easy to manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google ads inside of HubSpot.
  • Social media management: Social media is a challenge, but also a necessity. HubSpot helps monitor and use social networks in ways that support your marketing goals.  
  • Video: Video can be a powerful marketing tool in the right hands. HubSpot supports optimized video marketing with a variety of tools.

4. The HubSpot Sales Hub — Close More Deals Faster

Sales teams don’t need friction standing between them and their next sale. They need power tools that can help them reach out, connect and make a positive impression with qualified leads. The HubSpot Sales Hub provides a wide range of tools and data to support your sales team.

The HubSpot Sales Hub delivers these marketing and sales advantages for your LMS company:

  • Start conversations with leads and prospects
  • Deepen relationships with potential customers
  • Manage your pipeline to assess and inspire greater sales performance

Popular features in the HubSpot Sales Hub include:

  • Email templates: The hub includes ready-made, high-performing email templates that your team can personalize and send.
  • Email tracking: Tracking is the holy grail of email marketing. HubSpot shares insight such as who opened your emails, so your team can close deals faster.
  • Conversation intelligence: This feature lets you capture details from every call so you can gain greater insight on the road to success.
  • Call tracking and recording: Prioritize the day’s sales calls, and automatically log them in your CRM for maximum efficiency. 

5. The HubSpot Service Hub — Gain 24/7 Support and Service

The last thing you need is a disruption to your business because you lacked access to customer support. That’s why HubSpot makes customer support and service a priority. Support includes everything from onboarding to a dedicated success manager to direct access to technical experts.

The HubSpot Service Hub delivers these marketing and sales advantages for your LMS company:

  • Keeps your teams and channel partners united
  • Scales support capabilities to your urgent needs
  • Optimizes your time to focus on your core business

Popular features in the HubSpot Service Hub include:

  • Tailored onboarding: Your customized onboarding plan will help you get up to speed with HubSpot’s software quickly, including transitioning from legacy software with minimal disruptions.
  • Dedicated customer success manager: HubSpot users gain access to a customer success manager, who is your dedicated expert.
  • 24/7 customer support: You get access to technical help from a world-class customer support team whenever you need it, either by phone or email.

Getting Started  

Today’s hyper-competitive LMS marketplace demands that LMS companies step up their marketing and sales programs in order to stand out from the crowd. The HubSpot platform will give your company a leg up by equipping you with everything you need to deliver highly targeted, highly optimized inbound marketing and sales programs that attract leads, convert prospects and win more sales.

To learn more about HubSpot, schedule a consultation with one of our inbound marketing consultants today.


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