Kuno Creative Awarded HubSpot’s Happiest Clients Award for Third Year

Kuno Creative Awarded HubSpot’s Happiest Clients Award for Third Year

By Brianne Carlon RushSep 15 /2014

kuno-wins-happiest-customer-awardThe Kuno Creative team is proud and honored to be the third-time recipient of HubSpot’s Happiest Clients Award. Kuno also received the award in its inaugural year, 2012, and again in 2013.

Based on the traditional Chinese idea of chi, which is translated to “life force,” HubSpot developed the Customer Happiness Index (CHI) equation for determining the likeliness of long-term success with inbound marketing. The bottom line—when inbound marketing efforts increase, so does the likelihood for success. In fact, companies with high CHI scores often experience lifts in traffic, leads and renewal rates.

"Kuno Creative has set an example for how businesses everywhere should be transforming their marketing with inbound,” says Patrick Shea, Channel Marketing Manager at HubSpot. “Their strategic approach to attracting, engaging, and delighting customers has not only built valuable relationships with their audience, but has driven growth for their agency and the inbound movement. Our team here at HubSpot is proud to call Kuno Creative a Partner and recognize them with this Award.

Over the years, HubSpot and Kuno Creative have identified tips, tactics and strategies for increasing the success of customers. Kuno has worked over the past five years since joining forces with HubSpot to continuously improve these elements. They include:

“We know customer success requires an ongoing effort,” says Kuno Creative CEO, Chris Knipper. “That is why we go above and beyond to continuously ensure the success of their content and marketing efforts. Inbound marketing is an organic process that requires the right combination of people, time and effort. We have a unique relationship with our clients as ‘Performance Partners’ so we share risks and rewards, and truly stay focused on success.”

To learn more about how Kuno Creative can help you gain the confidence in your inbound marketing efforts you need to delight your buyers, contact us today.

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Brianne Carlon Rush

Brianne works with Fortune 500 clients to strategize digital marketing efforts that help sales teams close deals faster. Additionally, she focuses on Kuno’s sales and marketing alignment and employee empowerment. Prior to Kuno, Brianne helped market OverDrive, the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools, and was the youngest person to be promoted to managing editor position at MacFadden Performing Arts Media in NYC.