Kendal at Home: Informing and Protecting Older Adults During COVID-19

Kendal at Home: Informing and Protecting Older Adults During COVID-19

By Casey NewmanJul 15 /2020

At Kuno Creative, our mission is to help companies we believe in get results. This is the 10th in a series featuring our clients, their mission and how they’re pivoting their marketing strategy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kendal at Home’s mission is simple: Transform the experience of aging. No longer does someone have to move into a retirement community or nursing home once they reach a certain age. With Kendal at Home, older adults can continue doing the things they love while living in their homes, removing the burden of care from their loved ones.

The coronavirus poses a more severe threat to older adults because of immune system changes that come with age and the fact that many seniors have underlying conditions, so Kendal at Home’s events and the way they informed and provided services to members had to change quickly and drastically.

Here’s a look at how Kendal at Home is keeping older adults informed and safe during COVID-19.

Calming Fears and Providing Information

The United States declared a public health emergency in response to the novel coronavirus in early 2020. As news continued to develop of confirmed cases across the country and in Ohio, Kendal at Home began writing blogs to help inform their audience.

What began as a few posts explaining the facts behind the virus and how to stay safe quickly evolved into myriad coronavirus pieces covering everything from why the virus is more deadly for older adults, common myths, frequently asked questions and much more.

The COVID-19 blog posts were among the most popular posts for Kendal at Home with members and non-members commenting on the posts and expressing gratitude for the information.

In addition to blog posts, Kendal at Home sent an email to members encouraging them to follow health advice from the World Health Organization and CDC. The email also provided information on Kendal at Home’s infection control procedures and what they are doing to keep care providers and members safe.

Kendal at Home also created a COVID-19 response page that consolidated advice from leading health authorities as well as the company’s response to the outbreak, and all of its COVID-19-related content and blog posts.

Keeping up to date with the news about the virus combined with quarantine and feelings of social isolation can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed, sad or scared. To help remedy any negative emotions its audience might be feeling during this time, Kendal at Home launched a Coffee Hour series featuring guest speakers that provided inspiration and advice for staying resilient in times of uncertainty.

To help ease any fears about care providers coming into the home, Kendal at Home held a webinar explaining the safety protocols it is utilizing to keep members safe and provide them with the care they need.

Rethinking Events During a Pandemic

To connect with potential members, Kendal at Home held in-person seminars. But as orders came down from state governments banning group gatherings, it had to rethink its event strategy.

The sales team quickly pivoted to holding live online seminars.

Kendal at Home also regularly holds in-person member events known as Healthy Aging Days. Each Healthy Aging Day focuses on a health topic and usually features an expert speaker. However, for the safety of members (and to stay compliant with state orders), these events were switched over to monthly virtual coffee hours.

Kendal at Home’s flexibility and willingness to pivot during a time of great uncertainty helped establish it as a leading resource for COVID-19 information for older adults.

Going Forward

Dealing with a pandemic is brand new territory for many service providers, but Kendal at Home took the changes in stride, choosing to focus on an important task: keeping older adults safe and informed.

Whether it was a question about what disinfecting products to use, why older adults are more susceptible to complications from the virus or how to reduce anxiety in a time of uncertainty, Kendal at Home was there.

Going forward, Kendal at Home continues to provide coronavirus-focused content to its audience, and the Kuno team supports them with everything from website design to blogs to emails to strategizing the best way to inform their audience.

We can’t thank you enough for your work keeping older adults safe and informed during the pandemic. We’re proud to be your partner in marketing.

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