HubSpot Onboarding with Digital Marketing Agencies

HubSpot Onboarding Services with Partner Marketing Agencies

By Megan CombsAug 5 /2021

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to work with a digital marketing agency, especially if you’re also looking into purchasing a CRM. What do you want the agency to help with? Is a CRM and digital agency in your budget? Do you need help learning a new CRM? Do you have the bandwidth to handle marketing and sales processes in-house?

Our advice? Go with an agency that partners with a CRM for the best onboarding experience. Here’s why.

HubSpot Onboarding on Your Own

HubSpot provides direct onboarding, including some initial software tutorials and setting up client portals, but they do not provide implementation/hands-on help (like building landing pages, form creation, etc.). HubSpot typically uses a 60- to 90-day cycle, with 30- to 60-minute meetings taking place every 7 to 10 days. They leverage HubSpot Academy training and assign learnings from there.

New Sales Hub users get personalized advice on migrating their data to HubSpot, creating prospecting and nurturing processes in HubSpot, and learning to close deals faster with sales enablement tools. Training is largely consulting and project management-oriented.

It's also important to note that Enterprise Hub onboarding is more technical and complex in nature. For example, when it comes to Sales Hub and Marketing Hub onboarding, partners need to be certified to assist. HubSpot requires product onboarding for specific products to ensure that customers are successful on HubSpot.

HubSpot Onboarding with a Partner Agency

With this option, you can do everything at once. Choose HubSpot as your CRM, waive the onboarding fee and let your full-service digital marketing agency do the rest. At Kuno Creative, HubSpot onboarding is included when prospects hire Kuno for Inbound Services.

There are many benefits to hiring an agency and signing on with HubSpot at the same time, including:

  • CRM setup
  • Waived onboarding fee
  • Enhanced, goal-oriented training vs. what HubSpot would normally provide
  • Implementation/hands-on help (building landing pages, form creation, etc.)
  • Build client/agency rapport
  • A partner that is already familiar with HubSpot services

With an Inbound Services contract, we take a goal-focused approach with clients, which greatly benefits them in the long term. Our onboarding process goes beyond the technical and moves into tactics that will serve your bottom line now and in the future. By the time a client signs with Kuno, we already have better insight as to how they need to use HubSpot and how much of the daily work within the platform they are going to be doing themselves — versus what Kuno will do daily.

If you’re still unsure of which direction you’d like to head, schedule a consultation and we can talk you through the benefits of hiring a CRM and an agency at the same time, and why that onboarding process is easier for everyone involved.

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