How to Create Compelling Content for a Saas Company

How to Create Compelling Content for a Saas Company

By Casey NewmanMar 2 /2015

compelling-content-saas2Being a SaaS marketer comes with its own set of unique challenges: You need to always be abreast of the quickly changing landscape and the needs of your customers, all while developing useful content that delights your prospects and end users. This is no easy feat, so when it comes to creating compelling content for a SaaS company, it can sometimes feel as if you’ve hit a wall.

But finding the right content is always possible — if you know where to look. Here are six easy ways to keep the SaaS content flowing.

Tap Your Experts

Your company is likely filled with people who have expertise on a variety of subjects. This untapped expertise can make for compelling content in the form of blog posts, whitepapers, how-to guides and more.

But how do you identify your company’s experts, and how do you get that knowledge out of their brains and onto paper?

Start by examining the roles in your company:

  • Leadership Team: Members of your company’s leadership team are experts in their fields. They likely have in-depth information on strategies or tactics or can share what they’ve learned over the years.

    Possible Content: Blog posts, how-to guides, whitepapers or video
  • CEO:  Your CEO likely has his or her eye on happenings within the industry. Ask them to share their opinions with you.

    Possible Content:  Opinions on timely industry news or thoughts on where an industry is headed can make for thought provoking blog posts
  • Account Staff or Solution Architects: These employees — whether they create technical solutions, oversee strategy or make sure accounts run smoothly — have advanced knowledge of the strategies and tactics that help your clients’ businesses run smoothly. Ask them to share client successes and failures. Use these tips without mentioning the client’s name in a variety of pieces.

    Possible Content: Blog posts, how-to guides, whitepapers or video
  • Marketing Team: Your marketing team has advanced knowledge of what’s happening in the industry. If they have relationships with industry analysts, they can offer a unique view of upcoming industry trends.

    Possible Content: Blog posts

Become a Journalist

Now that you’ve identified your subject matter experts, conduct short interviews with them. This is an effective way to get their expertise onto paper. Most subject matter experts don’t have time to sit down and write a piece of content, and this technique will help maximize their time and yours.

Possible questions to ask include:

  • What is the most important thing I should know about this topic?

  • What mistakes are you seeing when people try to implement this tactic?

  • What are the five most often overlooked elements of a good [x] strategy?

  • What are your thoughts on this industry development?

  • How can our clients benefit from this technology, strategy or tactic?

Update Your Current Content

The technology landscape moves at a blistering pace, and looking over your current content offerings to make sure they’re up-to-date is a smart move. Perhaps you have a whitepaper that could be updated with new technical insights or new tactics that could be added to a how-to guide.

Don’t forget to take a look at your blog posts, too. Do you have a series of posts you could combine to make an eBook or guide? What are your most popular blog topics or posts? Include your most popular ones in an email campaign or use your most popular topics for inspiration on additional posts or guides.

Use Video

Video can take several forms for SaaS companies. Record your subject matter experts during your interviews and edit the videos to create short 1- to 2-minute tip clips. You don’t need an entire film crew in order to create these videos. A hand-held camera and a quiet well-lit area can work just fine for short clips. Or film a demo of how your technology works. Is there a certain feature users struggle with or a feature that is often overlooked? Record a walkthrough with tips and tricks.  

Be Visual

As Carrie mentioned in her post on creating more engaging SaaS blog posts, the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Use this to your advantage and create compelling visual content. Does your company have internal data it could use to produce infographics, graphics or charts? Does your company have insight into a particular industry you could share? For example, if your company sells email marketing software, you could create an infographic on the time of day that nets the most email opens.

Go Outside

Look outside your company for sources of inspiration. What are other industry experts sharing? Ask their opinions on industry developments or create a graphic with the industry’s most notable tweets. If your company is attending a trade show or other industry event, find the hashtag and tweet live from the event. After the event concludes, your company’s attendees can share what they learned at sessions, their opinion of the event or other observances in a series of blog posts.

With these ideas, you should have no problem keeping the SaaS content flowing. What are your tips for creating compelling content? Share them in the comment section below. 

Casey Newman
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Casey Newman

A former journalist, Casey tells brands’ stories and helps to create engaging content strategies for companies. Before joining Kuno, she was in charge of public relations for marketing tech company Knotice. She earned a gold Hermes Creative Award for Knotice’s blog content and spearheaded several content initiatives that helped lead to the company's acquisition.