7 Considerations for Hiring a Video Marketing Team

7 Considerations for Hiring a Video Marketing Team

By Karen TaylorJan 7 /2020

Video marketing is popular because it works. Most businesses wish they had more videos to maximize their marketing advantage in a world hungry for compelling video content. Chances are you do too. There’s just one catch: You don’t have the time or expertise to produce your own videos. Enter: An agency with the full video production skill set.

There is no shortage of companies willing to create videos for you. But how do you choose the right one? The following list of seven essential considerations can guide you through the process of choosing the right agency to be your video production right arm — including vital qualities to consider. Hint: You’ll want video production professionals who are experienced, passionate and who come highly recommended.

Are you ready to start incorporating award-winning videos into your marketing?

1. View Their Work

The first step in choosing the right agency for your B2B video marketing is to find a firm that has already produced high-quality videos in a style you like. Watch a wide range of videos from each firm. Here’s what to look for:

  • Quality Production: Look for professionalism and attention to detail throughout the videos.
  • Marketing Acumen: See how well they tell company stories and effectively communicate a company’s unique brand and message.
  • Production Style: Many video production firms have a particular style. Be sure it’s a style you like.

2. Check Their References

A successful video marketing agency has a portfolio of satisfied clients and industry respect. Ask for recent references and follow up. Also, do a search to see if the company has reviews online. It’s good to know that the company you’re hiring has logged many successful projects before you sign on the dotted line. Here’s what to look for in references and reviews:

  • Variety: Give more weight to a wide range of reviews and references versus just two or three.
  • Longevity: Look for references from a few long-term customers versus just several one-off projects.
  • Results: Beyond great-looking videos, you want an agency that has achieved results for its clients, such as increased conversions or a boost in social media engagement.
  • Awards: Industry recognition is a good way to measure a video firm’s level of respect by its peers and, therefore, its capabilities, professionalism and success.

3. Meet Their Team

While a few super-talented creative professionals can wear all of the hats required to produce great videos, typically an agency will have a team where each person excels in a specific skill set. Great video marketing companies employ professionals who can work collaboratively on the writing, design and production of videos, including scripts, graphics, production, editing and creative management. Look for a team that provides expertise in these areas:

  • Creative Director: This person will be the manager of your projects, overseeing all of the many details of your video production.
  • Videographer: If your videos require action shots, you’ll want a professional videographer behind the camera capturing your important images.
  • Designer: Designers are responsible for the look and feel of the videos. You want great design and editing skills because it’s one of the most important aspects of the video.
  • Scriptwriter: Not all videos require scripts, but if yours does, you’ll want a pro penning the right words to help your message shine through.
  • Coach: If professionals in your organization will be speaking on camera, it’s essential that they are comfortable. Look for experts in media coaching to provide guidelines on everything from wardrobe to phrasing.

4. Gauge Their Passion

Is their team enthusiastic about creating great videos? Making something creative once is easy. But if you’re planning to work with the same agency on multiple projects, you want to ensure that their pool of good ideas doesn’t dry up in a few months. Here are a few indicators that you’re looking at a company with a passion for the long haul:

  • Forward-Thinking: Video is constantly changing, from the technology to popular creative. Look for a firm that operates on the cutting-edge of video production.
  • Mission-Minded: Have they documented their core mission and are they upholding it?
  • Process-Driven: Creatives should be free to roam, but a lack of process can result in videos that don’t achieve your goals. Look for a creative spirit rooted in a proven marketing methodology.

5. Understand Their Work Style

Every company has its own work style. But it’s important to find a video production team you sync up with in ways that both dovetail perfectly and that leverage your uniqueness. Here are a few considerations in the quest for a team with whom you can work well:

  • Team Player: Along with having a great video production team, your agency will also treat you as an integral member of their team, clearly communicating steps in the process, timeframes and milestones.
  • Passive or Active: Some video production companies take a passive approach where they’ll film what you tell them to film. Other firms take a more creative, hands-on approach, working closely with you to collaborate on ideas to make the best video possible. Which do you prefer?
  • Beyond Cookie-Cutter: There are many video templates companies can use and just plug in content. Often this simple approach works just fine, depending on the video and its purpose. But if you’re hiring video marketing pros, look for work that goes beyond the cookie-cutter with a variety of innovative video ideas and styles.

6. Assess Their Culture

Does the culture of the agency you’re considering fit with your organization’s culture? You’ll be more productive and effective — and have more fun — if the agency shares your culture. Here are a few culture touchpoints you can ask yourself as you aim to sync up on the culture front:

  • Work Ethic: Do they pride themselves on doing creative brainstorming, deep research and iterations to turn out great videos? Is that something you value?
  • Product Delivery: Do they meet their deadlines — or do they let things slip off schedule, constantly offering excuses?
  • Comfort Level: Does your team enjoy the company of their team?

7. Add Campaign Skills

Beyond a range of video production capabilities, successful B2B marketing campaigns that incorporate video marketing require a wide range of other talents to execute. To ensure your marketing campaigns that leverage video content are launched, operated and analyzed strategically and effectively, look for an agency with these skills as well:

  • Content Marketing: To achieve your video’s business goals, you need an expert in content management. This professional should have a clear understanding of your business operation, your target audience and your marketing goals.
  • Marketing Automation: With so many moving parts involved in marketing campaigns, the most successful campaigns are executed on sophisticated marketing technology. Aim for a company with specialists who are on the cutting-edge of marketing automation.
  • Social Media: This team member understands the ins and outs of the ever-changing world of social media, which is essential for consistently publishing videos at the right time and place.
  • SEO Optimization: This team member specializes in demand generation and can recommend titles, descriptions and social media posts to optimize your videos for relevant Google search phrases.
  • Analytics: To track your campaign’s success, you need to measure results using analytics. Make sure your agency is armed with the skills to regularly report on the success of your video marketing efforts.

Adding video marketing to your content can be one of the most effective ways to launch marketing campaigns that meet your business goals — from finding prospects to converting leads to delighting customers. If you don’t have the time and resources to produce them in-house, the right agency can deliver the necessary skills. While finding the ideal partner with the right combination of expertise and passion to produce your videos can be a challenge, this list of seven essential considerations can help.

Once you hire the ideal video production partner, you’ll gain an exciting new opportunity to bring creative and compelling content to your target audience — and achieve greater results with your marketing efforts.Video Marketing

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