How to Choose an All-In-One Marketing Software [Video]

How to Choose an All-In-One Marketing Software [Video]

By Kuno Creative VideosSep 4 /2015

best-marketing-softwareWhen investing in a marketing automation software, you want the platform to encompass and store all data in one location. You should ask yourself, "Am I getting the most out of my marketing automation software?"

If your software is missing important attributes such as personalization, page tracking and social integration, you'll have to invest in those items separately. This could cause inconsistencies in your reporting and data.

Kuno Creative Technology Director Dan Stasiewski is back to discuss the importance of an all-in-one marketing automation software.

How to Choose an All-In-One Marketing Software
Video Transcript:

When companies are choosing a marketing software, they have to take into consideration a number of things: What individuals they have in-house to work on the marketing software, what resources they might need from elsewhere, and also, if you have a software, are you using all aspects of it?

Software should connect to as many parts of the business as possible. If you have a platform that is just doing automation, for example, and you don't have social integrated, you don't have blogging performance integrated, you don't have page views or personalization, or you don't have A/B testing integrated with it, you have to go out and find different softwares that do all of those things.

All of those pieces define the buyer's journey and if we don't have that information housed in one area, then we're always going to have a marketing software that's only doing half the job that it could.

Suddenly, your investment in a minor automation platform or a minor marketing platform, in order to get the most out of it, you've added on five other services. If your marketing software system can do all of that, all at once, then you're able to get more bang for your buck, and you're not going to realize the other investments that you're gonna have to make in order to have the best marketing platform available.

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