4 Companies Creating Great Video Content

4 Companies Creating Great Video Content

By Dan RomanskiNov 21 /2013

great video contentWe all want our videos to be the next viral video. Wouldn’t that be great to have millions of views on one video and everybody instantly knowing your brand? Think about the Dollar Shave Club video and what that did for that start-up. However, the likelihood of this is very slim.

Instead of concentrating on creating videos and hoping they go viral, work on building your brand through video. By producing and publishing consistent, informative and engaging videos, you increase your brand identity and have a better chance of people sharing your videos.

If you are looking to build your video marketing or just improve upon what you have established already, get inspired by these four very different companies great at creating video content. 


Blenders are not usually exciting. They are a common household item that can be found in almost every department store. But through the use of video marketing, many of us now know the name Blendtec blenders and the “Will it Blend?” videos that go along with them.

If you are not familiar with these videos, you can find them on the brand's YouTube Channel. For a quick overview, the videos show Blendtec owner Tom Dickson blending various items in one of his Blendtec blenders. He has blended anything from golf balls to Transformers and even electronics, including various Apple Products. What makes these videos so successful is that they are the perfect mix of engaging and informative. They are able to capture the viewers' attention while showing off the power of the blender.

After watching a couple of the videos, it is easy to see how they were able to take a virtually unknown brand and make it into a household name.


You would, of course, expect the manufacturer of action cameras to have a good video marketing strategy, but the people at GoPro have gone beyond that. What started out a simple way for creator Nick Woodman to capture images of himself surfing has turned into one of the most popular cameras.

The GoPro can do much more than just take images, and the videos show it. These videos show off the many different uses for the camera including surfing, skiing, kayaking and other extreme sports. The most compelling part of these videos is that they feature user-generated footage. Not only is this a great way of keeping costs down, but it is a great way of keeping the audience involved. By strengthening this involvement and engagement, GoPro does a fantastic job of increasing its brand awareness and social reach.

Moz’s Whiteboard Friday

Online videos should also highlight employees' knowledge of their industry inside and out. This is what Moz’s Whiteboard Friday videos are all about. Each week a different member of the Moz team stands in front of a whiteboard and talks for an extended period of time on a certain subject. Some of these include International SEO, Social Media and Content. Moz Whiteboard Friday videos are simple and consistent; viewers know they are going to get a new video every week on a current topic delivered in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Giangola Insurance

We can probably agree that buying insurance isn’t one of the most exciting things we purchase, but it is necessary. The agents at Giangola Insurance understand this: Joey Giangola does a great job at producing and publishing consistent, timely and informative videos. He keeps a regular schedule of publishing videos on Mondays and recorded Google Hangouts on Wednesdays. He has essentially taken the detail-laden world of insurance and made it into an engaging and interesting topic.

Even though his videos mainly cover health insurance, Joey covers other health-related topics, such as nutrition and fitness, as well as marketing tips for small businesses he has picked up on through his work. His videos are simple, funny and pull in guests such as doctors, health administrators and business experts to chime in on his topics.

As these videos show, successful video marketing is not about producing the next viral video—it is about producing good quality and informative videos and doing it often. What other companies produce quality video content? Tell us in the comments below!

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dan romanskiWith a degree in Electronic Media, Dan Romanski has five years of video production, both professionally and independently. When he is not assisting with lead nurturing campaigns and projects at Kuno, he can be found exploring different parts of Cleveland with his camera. Connect with him on TwitterLinkedIn or Google Plus.


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