Beyond the Call-to-Action: 4 Options for Landing Page Promotion

Beyond the Call-to-Action: 4 Options for Landing Page Promotion

By Jenny TrasterNov 1 /2013

As inbound marketers, we understand half the battle in getting qualified leads to convert on landing page forms is creating the right content for the buyer persona. The other half of the battle comes once the landing page is published on the website and is typically asked in the form of the following question:

“Where should I promote this landing page?”

While Inbound Marketing 101 has taught us to create call-to-action graphics to be placed throughout the website—think homepage, interior pages, blog articles—it’s important to consider other options to get the most out of your latest offer. After all, it took hours to brainstorm, write and edit the e-book, guide or download—so why wouldn’t you want to reach as many potential leads as possible?

example of Facebook pinned post promoting landing page

4 Places You Should Consider Promoting Your Landing Page


It may seem like an obvious choice to post a link to your latest landing page offer on Facebook, but you have options. The Pinterest effect has taught us that people prefer viewing photos more than text—that’s why creating a pinned post is a great way to maximize post views.

To have your post receive extra attention and stay in people’s feeds longer than three hours, provide a budget to “boost” or promote the post to people you choose by targeting. Plus, Facebook now allows advanced targeting options, including promoting posts to an email list of your choice. This is beneficial if you are specifically trying to reach your customer database or have an offer for your sales or marketing qualified leads.


Utilizing your current videos on YouTube is another way to reach potential leads. Those who are interested in watching a video on a specific topic may be looking for additional information. Make it easy for them to continue their research by adding a shortened tracking URL that leads to a landing page on your site right there on YouTube. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, a link to a guide on living with Diabetes would be great to include in the video description of a physician discussing the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Company Blog

There is no harm in creating a blog or blog series related to your download. It’s an easy way to promote your new content without giving away too much detail. Make sure the link to the landing page is offered a few times throughout the blog article with a call-to-action graphic at the bottom of the article. Plus, once the article is published, those who have subscribed by email to your blog will have knowledge of the new offer.

Printed Pieces

While inbound marketing has us thinking of all online methods to reach leads, don’t rule out using outbound marketing tactics. Whether you are sending out a direct mail piece or publishing an ad in a trade magazine, include an easy-to-type URL for readers to access your newest or most popular download. Our advice would be to make the offer you are promoting a top-of-the-funnel piece to appeal to more people.

Promoting a landing page for lead conversion doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It can be a simple matter of listening to your buyer personas and understanding their questions and where they might go to find answers. If you aren’t seeing results in form conversions—it might be time to revisit your offer and landing page content!

Where have you promoted a landing page and seen success? Let us know!

jenny traster kuno creativeAs a senior consultant at Kuno Creative, Jenny Traster puts the pieces of the inbound marketing puzzle together from content marketing to social media management. She enjoys writing and learning about current social media trends. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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