5 Top Tips to Reenergize Your Twitter Strategy

5 Top Tips to Reenergize Your Twitter Strategy

By Zakir GhaziAug 8 /2013

SparklerIt can always be beneficial to amp up your Twitter strategy if it’s feeling a little static. Adding and repurposing content while adjusting to better fit your buyer persona can be a great starting point. You will also want to strategize in terms of becoming your industry’s next thought leader, offering a hub of information and authority.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help you reenergize and spark your Twitter Strategy.


First and foremost is always content—if you don’t have any content to give, then followers won't have anything to talk about! Audit your content (blog posts, videos, downloads) and strategize how your tweet copy can be used and repurposed for things like landing pages or other webpages. Just because you tweeted it once doesn’t mean all your followers saw it!

Don’t be afraid to go against your industry's rules and post more often throughout a day. The more fresh and shareable content you have to post, the more engagement you will see. As Jay Baer's Twitter bio once read: “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.”


Tweeting when your audience is most engaged is definitely important. Concentrating your Twitter content plan during those times will likely attract more engagement and potential leads. With that said, however, sending out a few tweets past your followers' bed times or even scheduling a tweet or two for your overseas followers may stand to gain some rovers you didn't know were there. After all, according to The Atlantic, 24 percent of Twitter users are very active, checking tweets at all hours several times a day.

Quality vs. Quantity

According to The New York Times, there are about 20 million fake Twitter users. With that number growing every day, it's becoming increasingly difficult to determine your actual industry leading presence on Twitter. So, how do you get around these fake accounts and gain real quality followers?

Services like Tweepi give you the ability to comb through, distinguish and follow users that will benefit from you and your content. This kind of insight will ensure better engagement, allowing followers to organically emerge.


A major priority in your strategy is to obtain and maintain consistency. This does not mean limiting yourself to the same amount of tweets per day or during a specific time frame. Always experiment: Find when and how often your audience most wants to hear from you! The key to remember is to regularly tweet while staying true to your persona.

Sharing the Wealth!

One thing to not forget in becoming a Twitter presence is to stay social. If your industry calls for it, learn and share from other thought leaders! A little mention can go a long way, giving you more credibility and a broader reach.

In my own past experience and experiments, it has been beneficial to sometimes bend the rules, go outside the box and learn for yourself. Social media is an ever-changing entity that requires constant attention, so don’t be surprised when today’s rules don’t apply tomorrow! In my next post, I will put on my lab coat and safety glasses and put these tips to the test to see just how experimenting can be beneficial, so stay tuned!

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