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Top Marketing Video Mistakes to Avoid in Production & Promotion

Top Marketing Video Mistakes to Avoid in Production & Promotion

By Kuno CreativeJun 25 /2013

video cameraThere are multiple steps you must take before your video is complete. And with different steps comes a variety of mistakes that can be made. Whether you have just started making videos, are thinking about making videos or have already made hundreds of videos, you need to be prepared for the reality of making mistakes. However, just because you are bound to make a mistake or two does not mean you can’t avoid a few of them.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes made throughout each phase of video production.


You haven’t planned out your video.

One of the biggest and easiest mistakes you can make is not planning your video. If you do not start out with a goal in mind, then your video can end up being about nothing, which means you have wasted your time and, possibly, your money. If you don’t set out with a plan of action when you shoot a video, you could end up distracted and lose sight of your original purpose. So, before you make your video, plan out what you are going to say, how you are going to say it and what camera shots and b-roll you want to capture. You also need to consider what your calls to actions are going to be and how you actually want viewers to respond after watching your video.


The setting of your video does not matter.

The truth behind the location or setting of your video is that it does matter. Actually, it matters in a huge way. If you are simply sitting in your office, then your video may look unprofessional, and depending on the goal of your video, that could be a very bad thing. You also need to consider lighting and external sounds when you are choosing the setting of your video shoot. For example, if you are talking about your production or warehouse facilities, then you might want to consider shooting the video on location. However, you will want to make sure no equipment is running as that can be distracting and make it extremely hard to hear the person talking, even if he's wearing a lapel microphone.


Keep your video short no matter what.

If you have been making videos for a long time, then you might have been told or be under the impression you should always make short videos. The reality is, while shorter videos do tend to get better results, you should create videos that are the right length for the job. Do not be afraid to talk for the right amount of time. It would be better to have a slightly longer video than have to cut out important information. One way to help determine if your videos are too long is to use analytics and see if people are watching the entire video. One solution to long videos is to break it up into parts; that way, you still include all of necessary information, it’s just broken into bite size pieces.


A tweet or a post on Facebook are the only promotion you need.

The reason video promotion is a mistake for many producers is that they simply are not promoting enough. You might think you have enough friends or followers that you only need to promote the video once on every social media site, but that simply is not the case. Instead, you should put your video on a landing page or embed it in a blog post in order to reach maximum promotion potential. You should avoid only uploading your video to YouTube because you will not get the most out of your video by doing that. Another way to promote your videos is to repurpose them: After some time has gone by, consider putting them in new blog posts on your website or guest posts on another website.

Video mistakes happen all the time. Some mistakes can lead to poor quality, content and results. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to think about your video before you actually begin. Make a plan and stick to it. By planning out your video, you know where you are going to shoot, what you are going to shoot and how you are going to get your viewers to respond.

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