Inbound Marketing Week in Review: September 2, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: September 2, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushSep 2 /2012

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This was a long week, and frankly, we are exhausted! Four days in Boston taught us a lot about the new features of HubSpot 3, creating marketing that people will love, and running on no sleep at all. Here we share some of our lessons learned at Inbound 2012 and a few extra bonus blogs. Enjoy! 

Keynotes, HubSpot 3 and Rock Stars: Top Memories from Inbound 2012

Over the past few days, I had the opportunity to meet and ‘rock out’ with more than 2,000 marketers at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2012. The week was jam-packed with breakout sessions, keynote speakers, networking opportunities and an appearance by Cyndi Lauper. Yes, I will admit, my inner rock star took over when Cyndi sang “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” While the concert was fun and memorable, I am even more excited about the takeaways from the sessions and the new features available in HubSpot 3. (I encourage you to check out Dan’s post from Wednesday that provides greater detail about the rollout of HubSpot 3.)

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Focusing on Success: Differentiating B2B Content Marketing from B2C

There seems to be a disconnect between how similar or dissimilar B2B and B2C content marketing really are. Some think there are just minor nuances, some think there are so many differences that the two should not even be compared, and a few even think that there are absolutely no differences. (Check out Page 10 here.) I would venture to say that the 3 percent who say there are no differences are wrong, but who is right when it comes to the other two schools of thought? Are the two markets so completely different that I am committing a crime writing about them in the same blog? Or are they more similar than we think? 

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HubSpot 3: A Smarter, More Personalized Buyer Experience

Big changes are coming to the world of inbound marketing. Over the next few months, HubSpot plans to roll out a number of new features that will make it easier for marketers to provide web visitors and potential buyers with relevant images and content. As buyers tune out more of the old marketing messages, this smarter, more user-friendly approach to marketing means that you can, in fact, create marketing people love. 

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The “Culture” of Inbound with Marcus Sheridan at Inbound 2012

In a dynamic presentation yesterday at Inbound 2012 in Boston, Marcus Sheridan talked about how to inspire blogging buy-in from upper management, as well as every member of your team. His first piece of advice was: “Don’t say ‘Inbound Marketing.'” 

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Inbound 2012: What I Learned from 30 Minutes with C.C. Chapman

Tucked away in the corner of the sponsor hall at Inbound 2012, there was a small Q&A happening with C.C. Chapman. It turned out to be a half hour spent learning small nuggets of pure treasure. I wasn’t planning on attending, but I am sure glad I did. If you couldn’t attend (and I am sure you didn’t since there were only about seven of us lucky enough to), here are a few of my favorite lessons about inbound marketing, content and life learned from 30 minutes with C.C. Chapman. 

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4 Segmented Lists for Dynamic Content that You Should Create Now

Have you visited lately? Chances are you saw a product on the homepage that was displayed just for you based on the pages you've visited and the purchases you’ve made. Today B2B marketers have that same power when they utilize dynamic content for targeted on-page nurturing.

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Emerging B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2012

There's an interesting new survey out on B2B Content Marketing Trends that was compiled from responses by marketing professionals in the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn. The objective was to discover emerging trends in the rapidly growing content marketing space in the second half of 2012. Let's take a look at some of the key findings and discuss how they may impact our inbound marketing strategies going forward.

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Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Try not to work too hard...


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