HubSpot’s New Admin Portal Navigation and What it Means to the User

HubSpot’s New Admin Portal Navigation and What it Means to the User

By Maddie WeberJun 19 /2012

hubspot navigation redesignWhile most of you have seen it, played with it and gotten used to it in the last seven to 10 days—for some of you, the new HubSpot admin navigation structure is very new and VERY overwhelming. The top five questions we have received include:

  • Where did everything go?
  • How do I update my pages?
  • Where are all my images?
  • Are my analytics still in place?
  • What did HubSpot do?

DON’T PANIC. Everything that you accessed is still intact. All of your analytics, all of your images and documents, all of your lead generating forms, all of your content is still inside your HubSpot portal.

OK, now let's go one question at a time:

Where did everything go?

HubSpot's restructuring involved reorganizing how users were utilizing the admin portal—regrouping what you were accessing and where. The goal is to make your experience more pleasant and to make your job easier—now all of your Content, Contacts and Analytic applications are together.

Here's a breakdown from HubSpot as to where everything is located.

How do I update my pages?

Can't find your page listing? Go to Page Manager (under Content)—this will give you a familiar view.

Where are my images?

They are still in the File Manager. Go to your name in the upper right corner and click "Settings" at the bottom. The file manager will be on the bottom left listing. While you're on the main profile page, make sure you take advantage of HubSpot's new profile features.

Are my analytics still in place?

Yes, and they are better than ever. Now you don't have to flip between visits by page and Page Grader—for page-by-page analytics, everything is housed under "Pages." Whether you're identifying on-page SEO problems or seeing which pages ranks for the most keywords, you can do that from one screen. Other analytic updates include Landing Page Analytics, which ultimately can show you which of your offers are delivering the highest-quality leads, and the Custom Dashboard, which will now allow you to allocate the numbers that matter most to your business. 

What did HubSpot Do?

HubSpot is not standing still; since marketing has evolved, HubSpot is finding ways to keep up and is highlighting the inter-connectivity of its own product. The updates are to make navigating your system seamless and to respond to the need of the users.

But of course that doesn’t come without a few headaches during the process. HubSpot's learning center is currently stocked full of tips, tricks and tutorials to show you how they have made optimizing your site, publishing content and reporting easier than ever.

What do you think of the new navigation? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Patrick Hoesly

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