How to Use 'Behavior' Metrics for Lead Scoring

How to Use 'Behavior' Metrics for Lead Scoring

By Guest BloggerJun 8 /2012

behavior metrics lead scoringBelow is the second video in our two-part series on how to create an effective lead scoring program. In the last edition, VisionEdge Marketing President Laura Patterson demonstrated how to use "fit" metrics to start building your schema. Now, we pick up with tips for how to integrate those scores with behavior tracking.

Behavior metrics are observable actions the opportunity takes that show where they are in the buying process. In order to create this score, you will need to map the customer buying pipeline—from first contact, for example, to fills out online quote form or asks for a sales call. Be sure to document each step in this incremental process.

To close, Patterson tells viewers how to use the resulting fit and behavior scores to effectively prioritize marketing and sales efforts. 

Click on the video below for more detail on using behavior metrics with fit to create your lead scoring program.

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