The Real Value of a Facebook Friend [Infographic]

The Real Value of a Facebook Friend [Infographic]

By Jim SkidmoreMay 18 /2012

Smart Phone InfographicThere are a lot of marketers out there who use reach as a social media metric. The latest research from the Pew Research Center sheds light on Facebook’s power to connect and does so based on demographics. The data also looks at the percentage of network users who have taken steps to manage their privacy and reputation. On average, each Facebook friend can reach more than 150,000 other Facebook users. So if the average number of friends a person has on Facebook is 229, that’s potentially 34,350,000 people you can reach! Who says Facebook isn’t a worthwhile marketing effort? Check out more fun facts below:

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Whether you post, friend, tag, Like, or anything else on Facebook, just know that you are affecting thousands, if not millions, of people out there. Sounds like a great marketing tool to us!

Infographic: @revjimmyskids

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