Inbound Marketing Week in Review: May 13, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: May 13, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushMay 13 /2012

inbound marketing is funInfographics, videos and blogs, oh my! We have got it all for you this week, so don’t miss out. You will learn about finally ending your chase of Google’s algorithm, the Content Marketing Manifesto and a new way to look at your metrics. Plus, we’ve got social media, calls-to-action and landing pages. What else could you ask for? The fun starts on!

How to Shed the Burden of Chasing Google’s Algorithm

Does every whisper of a new algorithm update stress you out? Do you get frustrated by all of the technical tactics that sometimes work, but sometimes don’t? Drug addicts call this “chasing the dragon” – the pursuit of the ultimate high while experiencing stress, failure and loss. Find out how to quit cold turkey with Kuno’s help…

The Content Marketing Manifesto: The Key to Inbound Marketing Success

With so many changes in online search over the past year, creating and sharing content the right way has never been more important; it is time to get a good grasp on content marketing.

Analyzing Your Marketing Metrics? Consider the Spikes

We, as marketers, tend to admire the spikes in the data and attribute them to their known causes, such as discrete marketing campaigns or content releases that rapidly draw interest. But since they are spikes (i.e. statistical outliers), we tend to pay more attention to the trends and focus our attention there. Maybe it's time to pay attention to the spikes.

Rethinking Social Media Marketing - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics [Video]

This week's episode tries to address and overcome some of the common notions of social media marketing, such as it’s just a fad, it’s for kids or there is no return on investment. Watch the video here…

How to Write a Strong Call-to-Action: 6 Simple Tips

 To increase your conversion rate—and ultimately your sales—consider investing a little time and energy into crafting your CTAs. Follow the tips below for writing CTA text, then let us know how they worked for you. 

Do Social Sharing Buttons Help or Hinder Landing Page Conversion Rates?

The mass adoption of social media sharing buttons is relatively new. Some marketers include them on landing pages while others do not. Find out what the data says here…

Content Marketing: 4 Ways to Encourage Your Staff to Blog

You can threaten your blog team, but for those that need a more gentle reminder, an idea to expand upon, or the confidence to set their ideas free, you might need to do a little more nudging. Here are some tips to encourage your staff to participate on your company blog…

Being Connected: A Cultural Revolution or Technology Evolution? [Infographic]

The new culture of immediate information through social media, apps and web browsing phones is allowing people to gain access to information more quickly than ever before, and the latest Pew Research sheds an immediate light on just that. It also represents a huge opportunity for inbound marketers. Check out our newest infographics here…

Personalization - The Ultimate Lead Nurturing Strategy

Instead of mapping content to a customer persona, then sending out automated lead nurturing campaigns via email, marketing automation will take a new turn—knowing who you are and what your preferences are, then customizing your web experience to match. This is where we are going in my view.

That is it for this week! Check back next week for even more inbound marketing knowledge. Happy weekend and don’t forget to wish your mom happy Mother’s Day!

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