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Inbound Marketing Week in Review—Journalists, Social Media and Keywords

Inbound Marketing Week in Review—Journalists, Social Media and Keywords

By Brianne Carlon RushFeb 24 /2012

inbound marketing reviewWe know you’re busy, so Kuno’s got you covered. Get caught up on this week’s blog posts in a flash!

Best Move for Content Marketing? Hire a Journalist

Journalists have good ideas: One of the hardest parts of content marketing is continuously coming up with ideas. Fresh content is a must, but sometimes brainstorming topics is a bust. Journalists, especially those who worked at daily newspapers, were forced to come up with several enticing topics every day.

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How to Look Successful in Social Media While Failing at the Same Time

If the person or brand in question has lots of followers, communicates prolifically with them, seems really knowledgeable and shares really great content from other people or company blogs, they must have social media marketing down, right? Not necessarily.

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Can Social Media Save the World?

United in the same goal, the outpouring surrounding the Keystone pipeline reinforces the power social media offers people to accomplish a significant, tangible goal. According to a recent case study by Media Badger, the support shown on social media was immediate, overwhelming and effective.

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Google’s Unknown Keywords Jump from 22% to 55% in the Last 30 Days

A full 44% of Kuno's organic search driven leads have an unknown keyword source. This blind spot makes it impossible to accurately track return on investment from traditional organic SEO campaigns based on traffic driven from ranked keyword phrases.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you back here on Monday.

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Brianne Carlon Rush

After developing the Kuno Creative content marketing department and growing it by 500%, Brianne has expanded her role to help grow the inbound marketing agency in size, revenue and resources. She now focuses on sales and marketing alignment; employee recruiting, hiring and development; and communication strategies, while still dedicating time to client strategy and Kuno’s marketing efforts.