Best Move for Content Marketing? Hire a Journalist

Best Move for Content Marketing? Hire a Journalist

By Brianne Carlon RushFeb 20 /2012

content marketing journalistsAs inbound marketers, it has been beaten into our brains that content marketing is the coolest new kid on the block. CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT! OK, we get it. But where does this content come from? How do we make it engaging and influential? How do we make sure it is, you know, grammatically correct?

The answer is easy: hire a journalist. There are plenty of people who agree:

There are plenty more, but here's what you really need to know: The top 5 reasons why ex-journalists are rocking this new content marketing world and why you need to hire one ASAP.

  1. Journalists have good ideas: One of the hardest parts of content marketing is continuously coming up with ideas. Fresh content is a must, but sometimes brainstorming topics is a bust. Journalists, especially those who worked at daily newspapers, were forced to come up with several enticing topics every day. Give them a topic and they will create 10 ideas in a matter of minutes.
  2. Journalists get their facts straight: Knowing your topic is essential when writing content. Whether you need to know about one software product or a variety of clients, journalists take care to research and learn the topic first. They learn things in an hour then turn around and write content that teaches other people about the topic, only in a consumer-friendly way.
  3. Journalists get to know their audience(s): Not all content can be created equally. Whether the potential customer is a senior citizen, an engineer or a millennial, journalists know how to talk to each one of them. Just like they learn the facts, they learn the buyer, too.
  4. Journalists get it done on time: Journalists thrive on deadlines. It is where they get their drive and dedication. There is probably not a single journalist who likes to turn in her story late. In fact, they’d probably lose their jobs if they did it more than once or twice.  So they write like their lives depend on it. Not a bad quality in an employee, huh?
  5. Journalists make it all better: Journalists will make any content throughout your organization better. Emails, newsletters, press releases, fax cover letters— you name it, they can improve it. Maybe it is just adding in a missing comma, or maybe it is reshaping the message, but when you let a journalist loose in your organization, all of your content is bound to improve.

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