7 Steps for Implementing Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

7 Steps for Implementing Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

By Vanessa KnipperNov 16 /2011

Funnel Inbound Marketing FindSuccessful sustained marketing campaigns start off with defined measurable goals. Goals should be defined using lead and sales metrics for your particular industry. Once the goals are determined, a strategy to accomplish these goals can be articulated. Your inbound marketing strategy should include website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, etc. For a better understanding of the relationship between activity and return see our inbound marketing calculator.

  1. Website, Blog & Videos

Aside from detailed content on your website, consider adding videos - which are educational for your audience and are an important component in your SEO strategy. Make blog posts fun to read and avoid industry jargon. Your audience is on your website because they have a problem they need solved or to be entertained. 

  1. Lead Capture, Nurturing and Conversion
    (Guides / FAQs / Testimonials)

Something of value - a coupon, a free guide, content that is not publicly available. Guides with answers to your 10 most frequently asked questions can be valuable resources. Include graphics, brochures, and create email marketing templates. Make sure to include links to other related pieces of content or a link to connect in social media.

  • Keep the landing pages simple – benefit bullets & a simple form
  • Follow-up immediately when notified of a lead conversion
  • Collect reviews/testimonials after the lead converts to a customer
  1. Limited Time Offers

    Whether you are offering a percentage discount or a bonus with purchase, sense of urgency is key. If it’s an offer that you always have – there is no reason for your audience to take action TODAY. Make the length of your offer period at least 8-10 weeks to give ample time to learn more about your products and services.
  2. Blog Subscription

    Keep your past and current customers, as well as new leads up-to-date by encouraging them to subscribe to your blog via email.
  3. Social Media Interaction

    Ask customers to connect with your business in social media and to participate in your community. This is another way for your customers to learn about the latest offers and related content.
  4. Contests & Giveaways

    Include contests and/or giveaways in your email and social media community that are exclusive to them.
  5. Feature all of the above in your monthly email newsletter!

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