The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Budgets, Prices, and YouTube

The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Budgets, Prices, and YouTube

By Roman KniahynyckyjOct 23 /2011

inbound marketing 10 23 2011Hola, inbound marketing friend. How is your Sunday? It's a classic fall day here in Cleveland and I am rooting for the Brownies to pull out a classic win over the Seahawks, today. Two not so great offenses go at it - we'll see how that turns out. This week in inbound marketing was focused on budget and prices and ultimately value - here's a brief overview.

Chris kicked off the week by publishing our free inbound marketing calculator. There's no form to fill out so download away. We wanted to help people evaluate some the core activities that might need to be included in an inbound marketing budget and see what sort of blend of internal and possibly external support they may need. Continuing on the theme of budgets and prices, John opined on the pros and cons of B2B companies making their prices known on their website. For Kuno, we feel that price transparency will help us win in competitive situations and help to pre-qualify our customers before we commit time and resources to sales consultations. Not to be outdone on the technical side of the fence, Chad rounded off our top three posts with 11 simple SEO tips to optimize your YouTube video. Don't forget that the quality of the video content will be the ultimate driver of search rankings. If the video content is poor no one will bother to watch it, let alone leave a comment, vote, respond, subscribe, share it, use it for attribution or embed it.

What's new with you? Any questions we can help with? Let us know. Are you reading this on your smart phone? More and more people are - so don't forget to join us this Thursday at 1 EST for our mobile marketing webinar. Until then - make it a great week! 

pic: James Skidmore