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Website Redesign Without Inbound Marketing - Like Building A House and Telling No One

By Roman KniahynyckyjSep 1 /2011

inbound marketing houseI was chatting with a friend (and client) yesterday and was happy to hear that he realized his work would only be beginning once his new HubSpot website redesign was completed. Clearly, it's important to have a nicely conceived website that helps visitors with their particular business problem and allows for easy navigation. Once your new website redesign is complete, the hard work of inbound marketing begins.

As a useful analogy, building a website and not supporting it with inbound marketing is very much like building a new house and not telling anyone how to get to your house. It may be your dream house with granite counter tops, a trophy kitchen, a wine cellar, and a rock climbing wall outside. You have visions of hosting relaxing dinners for your friends and family. Unfortunately, if you don't tell anybody where your new house is or how to get there, or complete a change a change of address form  - you won't have many visitors. 

Similarly, if you build an amazing website and don't share its valuable content through social media or blogging and email marketing efforts, you likely won't maximize your visitors. View the completion of your new website as a beginning not an end and commit to some minimal level of inbound marketing activity.