Advanced Content - A Pillar of Inbound Marketing [Video]

By Roman KniahynyckyjAug 26 /2011

Here are some ideas on advanced content for whitepapers, e-books or FAQs you can integrate into your inbound marketing mix across a variety of industries:


  • How is your manufacturing process for a product or set of products more flexible or adaptable than your competitors' process?
  • How do domestic (vs. outsourced) vendor relationships benefit your customer relative to the product you deliver to them?


  • How have the results of your consulting or consulting process shown ROI for an organization?
  • Identify a detailed case study highlighting the value of your consulting as it relates to more efficient processes, cost outtakes, or monetary impact.


  • What are the detailed components of a particular service that you offer. How does each piece of your service benefit your customer. 
  • Highlight customer testimonials of the service you provided and how it differs from other service providers

Do you have examples of advanced content that you consider best of breed? Is there a particular type of advanced content you have found to work better than other types of content? 

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