Managing Your Twitter Social Media Engagement Using TweetSpinner

By John McTigueAug 25 /2011

I found this great application called TweetSpinner that helps me manage my Twitter account. Particularly useful are the abilities to find people to follow that fit a certain keyword profile or that follow my influencers. Also extremely helpful is the ability to automatically list people who follow me then unfollow, queue them up and allow me to unfollow them. TweetSpinner is intelligent enough to find likely followers by their following/follower ratios and allows you to set custom filters to fine tune your strategy.

Some of the cool features include:

  • Find/Follow filters
  • Schedule tweets/etc
  • Smart purges
  • Followbacks
  • Find followers by keyword
  • Find followers by mimic
  • Prune spammers

There is also a powerful feature for handling DM's, but I recommend that you never use the auto-DM feature. That's just a very spammy way to respond to someone's follow.

For a Pro Account, it's $224 per year ($18/month), and you get 5 Twitter accounts you can manage. This is not a paid review in any way. I'm just letting you know what I use and why I like it to save myself time and make my social media activities more productive.

Looking forward to your comments!

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