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The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Inside Sales, B2B Web Design, and LinkedIn

By Roman KniahynyckyjJul 31 /2011

As July 2011 steams off into the sunset, we find ourselves bumping up against a debt ceiling, still a bit hot, and bracing for Don.

InboundMarketingweekinreviewIn the world of inbound marketing, John began this week describing how inside sales can support your inbound marketing efforts. By making both inside sales and inbound marketing a part of your sales and marketing strategy and using closed loop marketing, you can assure a consistent message across your firm's digital and human assets and track the results of your efforts. 

On Tuesday, we opined on the best differentiators Facebook and Google+ might use to win the social media war. Pictures, privacy, and people (consumers not geeks) should be areas of focus for Facebook and Google. 

The middle of the week found John covering the notion of generating qualified sales leads and really understanding not only how to define a qualified sales lead for your company but also crafting the profile of your ideal customer. 

We finished off the week with a B2B website effectiveness checklist (remember: it's all about your visitors and the problems they are trying to solve) and 3 quick tips for using LinkedIn for sales and Inbound Marketing

How was your July? Did you improve your inbound marketing ROI? What tactics did you try? Don't be shy and please - take some time to continue my rhyme...

pic: @revjimmyskids