Build Your Social Media Influence With Twitter/Klout Integration

By John McTigueJun 27 /2011

I hope you're having a relaxing day. Being the plugged in person (a.k.a. nerd) that I am, I like trying out new social media technologies that can help me engage more in social media but do it as efficiently as possible. I'm happy to have played with the new Twitter/Klout integration tool lately, so here are some of my thoughts on how to use this simple but powerful too to build your influence in social media.

This new tool is now available as an add-on for Firefox and Chrome. Just go to your browser add-ons and search for Klout. You need to be a Klout member to make this work, so go ahead and sign up if you haven't already. Klout is an interesting and popular service that evaluates your influence in social media, so it's worthwhile for any inbound marketer.

I hope you will leave some ideas and opinions in the comments below. Let me know how you are using Twitter/Klout integration to build your influence.

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John McTigue

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