Can 2 Extra Minutes a Week DOUBLE Your Inbound Marketing Revenue?

Can 2 Extra Minutes a Week DOUBLE Your Inbound Marketing Revenue?

By Chad PollittJun 21 /2011

Whether you're a designer, programmer, marketing strategist or a CEO a weekly two minute investment could make a huge impact on Internet driven revenue.  How could two minutes per week have such an impact on a website's performance?  The answer is by spending it on  Every week this resource features an online A/B test which pits two variations of a website page against each other in order to see which one performs the best.

Which Test WonSome tests show major gains in click-throughs, purchases and signups - 100% or more improvement!  Other test results are less robust, but significant nonetheless.  Some of the examples show slight copy changes, differences in page layout, changes in button color and copy, and different graphics in order to see how they affect visitors and their actions taken. 

Which Test Won?

When visiting the website you'll be faced with a question, "How good is your gut?" and screen shots of the two pages being tested.  Then you get to pick which version you believe outperformed the other.


Inbound Marketing Test


Test Results

After guessing, the actual results are given and pertinent test data, methods and reasons are shared.  The whole process only takes about two minutes, but the lessons learned could lead to large improvements in a company's inbound marketing performance.


Inbound Marketing Test Results


The Payoff

Even if you're not planning on building a new website for a year or so, by visiting every week you'll gain valuable insight on the behaviors of people online.  Some of these lessons could be implemented on your existing website or used to craft your next website redesign.  Either way, you'll be much more informed on your website's user interface and user experience moving forward.  

If you'd like to start testing right away Google Website Optimizer is a good free tool and if you're on the HubSpot CMS here's some additional instruction on how to use it.

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