How to Improve Your SEO Page Grade for Inbound Marketing

How to Improve Your SEO Page Grade for Inbound Marketing

By Chris KnipperJun 11 /2011

Here are a few things you can do to SEO optimize individual pages on your website that will improve your overall "page grade" using HubSpot’s Page Grader SEO tool.  Having a higher grade means your page is more likely to get found by the search engines and drive traffic and potential leads to your website. 25% of the page grade is determined by "on-page" search engine optimization factors and 75% by "off-page" factors.

On-page Factors

optimize your seo page grade with on page factors

Page Title – Include at least one appropriately placed keyword and the title should be no longer than 70 characters.

Meta Description – Write a description containing keywords, but don’t repeat your page title within this description.  Make it persuasive enough that someone would select it over a competitor’s description in the search engine results.

Does your meta description sound pretty much like the other meta descriptions for all the other company websites that come up on your search phrases?

Here's an example of a typical optimized meta description.  It starts with the company name followed by "is a full service inbound marketing agency that does a, b, and c…". Even though it is optimized correctly, it really doesn’t stand out from the competition.

optimize meta descriptions for seo page grader benefit

What if the meta description contained the same keywords but was worded to make it unique and appealing?

"Kuno Creative is an inbound marketing agency that offers a dedicated inbound marketing team delivering  an average 200% return on investment."

Meta Keywords – Include your specific keywords that help you get found by the search engines.

Other important items are the H1 tags, images alt tags and image file names.  Do they contain keywords and do they make sense?  If so, this will improve your page grade by attracting more inbound Links.

Off-page Factors

 What if you have addressed all the on-page factors the best you can and you want to improve your page grade further?  There are no obvious page errors found by Page Grader, but the grade is low.  Here are few things you can do:

  • Promote your website pages or blogs posts by sharing your content on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and link back to the pages.  Suggest and encourage people to share the quality information you are supplying.
  • Create additional page content containing your keywords.  This can be text, images, or videos tagged with your keywords.  Add videos to YouTube and presentations to Slideshare with optimized links pointing back to your pages or blog posts. 
  • Add Google alerts for your keyword phrases.  Visit the links from these alerts and comment on blog posts and offer to supply guest blog posts on websites you find that link back to these pages.
  • In social media follow trending topics and write fresh content that addresses these topics and also add them to your web pages and blog posts.
  • Send out SEO optimized press releases with services like MarketWire or PR Web that contain inbound links to your pages or blog posts.


Links, specifically inbound links, are critical to your SEO strategy and overall page grade.  It is important that you make a continuous effort, month after month, to set aside time to review your strategy and adjust your on-page factors as well as build your inbound links via social sharing and engagement.  It is not a one-time event that is completed as you build a new website.  A big part of this effort is creating new content, ongoing on-page optimization, and continuously promoting and engaging in social media.

If you need some help with SEO and using HubSpot Page Grader to optimize your pages and blogs, give us a call! Your comments are always welcome.

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