5 Ways to Sell SEO to Your Boss + Top Tools & Resources

5 Ways to Sell SEO to Your Boss + Top Tools & Resources

By Chad PollittApr 28 /2011

SEOMost of the clients or prospects we encounter don't have an SEO budget.  To secure funding for an SEO campaign can be a tough sell for an internal marketing manager in charge of a company's inbound marketing.  Typically, those personnel have to put the SEO bug in the CEO or CMO's ear. 

It's also quite common to hear that the internal marketing manager or IT staff have unsuccessfully taught themselves SEO and deployed some tactics they read on an SEO blog.  If the above describes your story the below should help you sell SEO to your boss and/or send you to the best resources to attempt SEO mastery yourself.  

5 Reasons to Use SEO

  1. High Return on Investment – On average SEO carries the highest return on investment of any form of marketing.
  2. Minimal Risk – There’s no such thing as click fraud in SEO.  Pay per click on the other hand is strife with click fraud.
  3. Brand Awareness – By being at the top of the search engines your company name will be seen much more frequently.
  4. Targeted Traffic – If your website comes up for keyword phrases that are highly relevant to your business your traffic will be very qualified potential customers.
  5. Affordability – Compared to other forms of marketing SEO is cheap.  Once the on-page factors are set the only reoccurring cost is link building.

Top SEO Resources

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