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Kuno Partners with LEAP to Teach Blogging to the Physically Challenged

By Chad PollittMar 12 /2011

Blogging with LeapBlogging WorkshopKuno Creative's inbound marketing team partnered with the LEAP program of Northern Ohio on Saturday, March 12th in order to educate their consumers on the tips, tricks and tactics of blogging and blog monetization.

LEAP's mission is to advance a society of equal opportunity for all persons, regardless of disability.  Their goal is to eliminate barriers, create opportunity and respect dignity.  Based on the fundamental values of responsibility, accountability, honesty, integrity, trust and respect, these guiding principles describe LEAP's philosophy and drive their conduct in order to be ethical and accountable in their operations, services and advocacy.

Below are the topics covered in the presentation:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging

Several of LEAP's consumers were interested in blogging and using blogs in order to start businesses. The presentation focused on blogging's best practices to give LEAP's consumers a knowledge base and the best chance for success in their new venture.