11 Ways to Promote Your Event Using Social Media & Inbound Marketing

11 Ways to Promote Your Event Using Social Media & Inbound Marketing

By Chad PollittFeb 24 /2011

Promoting Events with Inbound MarketingNo matter the size or prominence of the event you’re putting on or participating in, promoting it via the internet has lots of advantages. Often times there is little to no cost and the event has the potential of going viral and reaching millions of people. 

Even if you only want a small crowd for your event, promoting it on the internet will create lots of good inbound links for your website while helping your SEO and inbound marketing.  Below are eleven ways to promote your event using social media and inbound marketing.

Indirect Promotion:

1.  LinkedIn – Always include your event in the LinkedIn events area.  This will potentially expose LinkedIn users and your network to the event.

2.  Facebook – There is an events area in Facebook as well.  Including your event here will provide the same potential advantages as LinkedIn.

3.  Ning Networks – I am a member of two Ning.com networks:  SmallerIndiana.com and InternetMarketingClub.org.  Both of these communities allow event inclusion and promotion.

4.  Blog – Write a blog post about your event.  Make sure you include the events value proposition and provide a compelling argument for why people can’t miss it.

5.  Directories – There are lots of event directories on the internet you can submit your event to.  Some are more traditional directories that are event type specific.  For example, if your event is a webinar there are dozens of webinar directories that will allow you to include your listing for free.  Other services, such as Eventbright allow you to submit your event, sell/give-a-way tickets, and promote your event.

6.  Press Release – There are plenty of free and paid PR websites out there for you to issue a press release.  One of my favorite free sites is PRLog.org.

7.  YouTube – Creating a promotional video for your event and posting it on YouTube has the potential of drumming up interest.

Direct Promotion:

8.  LinkedIn – After your event is uploaded to LinkedIn you can send personalized invitations to your connections.  Also, by including your event in the promotions tab of the appropriate LinkedIn groups you are a member of you’ll be promoting your event directly to the members of those groups.

9.  Facebook – You have the ability to personally invite your Facebook friends as well.  Don’t forget to “drip” the event on your Facebook wall every few days and increase the post frequency as the event date comes closer.  I recommend adding a link to the events page or blog post from your website to your Facebook post.

10.  Twitter – Drip some tweets regularly that promote your event.  Make sure you include a value proposition, the time and a link to register or RSVP.

11.  YouTube – Once your promotional video is posted on YouTube don’t forget to use the video on your blog, in tweets and Facebook wall posts.  This will assist you in creating excitement and buzz for your event.

Any of the above could be the catalyst that makes your event go viral.  Even if it doesn't go viral to millions of people your promotion will prove fruitful if one relevant influencer takes notice and shares the event across their network.  Besides, your inbound marketing campaign will thank you.

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