Inbound Marketing With Webinars Part 2 - Promotion

Inbound Marketing With Webinars Part 2 - Promotion

By Chad PollittJan 13 /2011

Inbound Marketing WebinarIf you missed the first part, "Inbound Marketing With Webinars - Production," you can read it here.  After you develop your presentation it is very important that you have a promotion plan in place and have given yourself enough time to implement this plan.  There are hundreds of ways to market your webinar.  As a matter of fact, any and all outbound and inbound marketing tactics can be used, but I’ll focus of a few strategies that have proven successful for me.

  • Invite a guest speaker – If you bring thought leaders from outside of your organization to guest present during your webinar they will promote the event to their followers and lists.  Not only do you get the additional promotional benefits, but this is a great way to keep your webinars fresh.
  • Email your current list – In theory, these folks should already be considered leads, dead leads or current customers.  By emailing them an invitation to your webinar you may move someone further down your sales funnel, reconvert someone back into a lead that fell through the cracks, introduce your current customer to a new service or have your email forwarded or shared via social media to new people.
  • Issue a press release – If you utilize a wire service your webinar will be promoted across hundreds of websites and thousands of news organizations.  I don’t issue press releases for webinars with the expectation that the media will be pounding down my door for interviews, but instead I’m looking for the additional web exposure.  Also, here’s a “secret” benefit to wire distribution – thousands of twitter bots tweet directly from their RSS feeds.  This can provide additional exposure and give your website a SEO boost at the same time.
  • Webinar Directories – There are dozens of directories on the Internet that only contain webinars.  These directories allow you to include your webinar at no cost.  There are far too many for me to list, but all you have to do is a Google search for “Webinar Directory.”
  • Social Media – Aside from tweeting, posting on Facebook and on your LinkedIn profile, make sure you create “events” in both Facebook and LinkedIn.  Once you’ve created an event you’ll be able to promote the webinar to your friends or connections.  Also, don't forget to post your webinar in the "Promotions" section of your LinkedIn groups.  In addition, if you are a member of a Ning network you can add your webinar there as well.

I hope the above helps you in promoting your webinars.  Depending on your topic you could have 40-50 guests for some and 200+ for others.  Over time you'll have a good idea of what topics your audience is interested in.

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