25 Tweeple to Follow Who Will Make You a Better Inbound Marketer

25 Tweeple to Follow Who Will Make You a Better Inbound Marketer

By Chad PollittJan 6 /2011

Twitter FriendsOver the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a lot of wonderful reciprocating relationships on Twitter while staying on the cutting edge of inbound marketing by absorbing knowledge and great content from lots of people.  The below list could contain hundreds of people, but I’m not in the business of writing 10,000 word blog posts.  In some ways, you could consider this post a glorified Follow Friday.  The people listed below love to engage on Twitter, are experts in their field, and if you choose to follow and engage with them will undoubtedly make your inbound marketing efforts more successful.  

The Kuno Crew

All of us here at Kuno Creative love to tweet about inbound marketing and engage with folks on Twitter.  Feel free to start with the @Kuno crew:  @chrisknipper, @jmctigue, @vknipper, @cpollittiu, @kniahynyckyj, @kaysassmith, @maddieweber, @jennytraster, @danielulichney, @jamischneider, @waltwinchel, @revjimmyskids, and @lauraliatti.


  • Jeremy Dearringer, aka @Slingshot_SEO, is my #1 go-to SEO pro.  His constant SEO research helps keep me on the cutting edge.
  • Dana @lookadoo pushes out some of the best SEO content and advice on Twitter.  She’s also a SEO thought leader among leaders.

Social Media

  • @MariSmith has been called, “The Pied Piper of Facebook,” and is the co-author of “Facebook Marketing:  An Hour a Day.” I don’t know where Mari gets her info, but she gets breaking Facebook news and tweets it out before most.
  • @KylePLacy is an up and coming social media star, international speaker, and boasts one of the hottest marketing blogs on the Internet.  He's authored two books, “Twitter Marketing for Dummies” and “Branding Yourself.”
  • @AmyStark is an “in-the-trenches” Twitter user that leads by example.  She wrote the 2009 Tweeter's Almanac and if you model your communications on Twitter after her you will be successful.  Amy also founded the Indiana Social Media Summit.

Inbound Marketing

  • @HubSpot is the only branded Twitter profile on the list.  Why?  Because no other twitter account on the Internet pushes out this much quality inbound marketing material.  They like to engage too.

Internet Marketing

  • @JayBerkowitz, author of “Ten Golden Rules,” and founder of the Internet Marketing Club is not only a top marketing mind, but he’s my mentor as well.  Look to Jay’s content to better your Internet marketing campaigns.
  • @JimKukral wrote “Attention:  This Book Will Make You Money.” He is a veteran of the Internet marketing world and has a reputation for being an expert affiliate marketer.  Look to Jim’s expertise when crafting Internet marketing strategy.
  • Kevin Mullett (@Kmullett) infected me with an insatiable hunger to learn everything I could about Internet marketing years ago and continues to spread this gospel today.  He is the Swiss Army knife of Internet marketing.  Follow him and you'll quickly find out why!
  • I like to call @DouglasKarr the "Godfather" of Indiana Internet marketing.  Doug is the founder of @dknewmedia, co-author of "Corporate Blogging for Dummies" and avid blogger.  He's also a friend and fellow military veteran.

Email Marketing

  • I could have put Christopher Penn (@cspenn) in several of these categories, but since he works at BlueSky Factory now email marketing will suffice.  His email newsletters are so good that I’ve been known to share them with clients to show them the right way to do email.  Pay attention to Chris on Twitter and you’ll find yourself much more knowledgeable about marketing in general.    

Internet Law

  • Kenan Farrell is known on Twitter as @KLFLegal.  Kenan has his finger on the pulse of many of today’s hot social media and blogging legal battles. . . and so far he hasn’t charged me on a per-tweet basis!

I hope you find this list helpful in your inbound marketing endeavors.  Each person on this list has left a very positive impression on my career and keeps me current on today’s hottest inbound marketing topics.  If you follow, engage, listen and use their advice you’ll see your marketing ROI improve.    

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