Communication 2011

Communication 2011

By Roman KniahynyckyjDec 29 /2010

Communication 2011As we look back to look forward, I was (in between sips of eggnog) recently contemplating how my personal communication patterns will continue to change in 2011. It's a valuable exercise, not only for individuals, but also for companies and even departments within an organization.

Here's what I think I'll be doing more of:

  1. Texting more than talking - Adults continue to increase their use of text messaging. For me, texting is effective for communicating in non-real time without the interruption of a phone call. Fewer people are actually talking to each other these days - between 2005 and 2009 texting increased by a staggering 1840%.
  2. Facebooking more than emailing - I used to believe that email was the killer app. Key word - was - especially for personal email. Why would I continue to email people when I have this personal content management system called Facebook? It's much more efficient and less interruptive. If you don't care about what I did this past weekend or the latest link I have shared, you can simply hide my status rather than continue to receive unwanted emails from me. Much like phone calls, individual emails, especially ones that are not business related, are beginning to seem more and more disruptive.
  3. Inbounding more than outbounding - Whether it's through blogging, tweeting or engaging in LinkedIn discussions with businesses needing help, I will be expanding my reach via inbound marketing techniques. I certainly won't be taking out an ad in the Super Bowl or yellow pages

How will you be changing the way you communicate in 2011? 

How will your company or department or small business change the way it communicates with its customers in 2011?

What does your 2011 digital frontier look like?

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