Top 10 Phrases to Avoid in 2011

Top 10 Phrases to Avoid in 2011

By John McTigueNov 25 /2010

Let us vow today and for all time to avoid the following phrases in our daily conversation, both online and off. They are tired, worn out, useless phrases that make us sound either like high school girls from Southern California or majors in doublespeak hired by the Pentagon for our ability to obscure the obvious.

Honestly, To Be Honest

top 10 phrases that drive me crazyEverybody says this at the beginning and end of every sentence. It implies that you are normally dishonest, and just this once you are actually telling the truth. C'mon people, just say what's on your mind. The rest of us will judge the veracity of your words.


Let's leave this one to the CIA or the military. When you say "actionable" in a sentence, everyone instantly thinks you're an idiot.

Our Hearts Go Out to...

Yes, there's lots of tragedy out there, but whenever I hear someone say this, I'm thinking "they don't really care". Try something original, like what you are really feeling.

At the End of the Day

With apologies to my British friends who use this expression like we Americans use "honestly", STOP IT! It means nothing. It adds nothing. It's silly talk.

My 2 Cents, or My 2

I'm guilty of overusing this one. It really means, "my contribution is effectively useless". Is that what you want to convey? Or are you looking for them to...

Push Back

How about "disagree" or "differ"? Can we agree to use different words occasionally in our speech? No? Hey, my 2 cents...

Circle Back

Are we playing cowboys and indians? What the heck does this mean anyway? If we were really circling back, wouldn't we be in the same place we are now?

My Bad

This hip hop apology has made it into corporate speak everywhere, which I admire greatly, but let's get over it. Whatever!

It Is What It Is

Is it really? No kidding? If things really suck that badly, why don't we fix the problem rather than just go all existential on the matter?

Let's Talk About This Offline

Sorry folks, that option's gone now.

What are your pet peeve phrases that need to be banished forever?

PS - Happy Thanksgiving from the folks at Kuno Creative!

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