3 Simple But Effective Inbound Marketing Halloween Costumes

3 Simple But Effective Inbound Marketing Halloween Costumes

By Roman KniahynyckyjOct 30 /2010

inboundmarketinghalloweencostumesTrick or Treat - not just a phrase, but a Call To Action

Our apologies in advance.

We can be a bit geeky at times. 

If you happen to be struggling to find that last minute Halloween costume, the inbound marketers at Kuno Creative have some quick suggestions (along with costume instructions). 

  1. Downloadable Whitepaper - Using a sheet of printer paper, write ".pdf" in heavy black marker on it and then tape it to the front of your shirt. Be sure to "take a load off" at houses on your trick or treating route. Follow up with an email and phone call to any people who provided good, "qualified" candy (i.e. Skittles). 
  2. LinkedIn Web Traffic - Wear a business suit (or at least a blazer and jeans) and show up in upscale neighborhoods at large, well lighted houses for heavily populated trick or treat "discussion groups." Prominently display your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. 
  3. International Web Traffic - Appear randomly at people's homes (typically past midnight), emphatically assure them you can rapidly increase their trick or treat traffic. Leave quickly without providing a phone number (costume optional). 

Attending an Inbound Marketing Halloween party as a Landing Page or Submit Button? Be sure to share your costume tips with us! 

Photo: paul-simpson.org