Twitter for Business - Top 10 Best Practices

Twitter for Business - Top 10 Best Practices

By John McTigueApr 1 /2010

April 1, 2010

These insider tips for business use of Twitter come highly recommended from some of the thought leaders in social media (who shall remain nameless):

  1. twitter best practices for businessMake sure you have Foursquare or Gowalla turned on and tell everybody where you are 24/7. Brag about it when you become Mayor - this is crucial.
  2. Hook up with members of the opposite sex (or not) and make sure you tell everybody about your love life.
  3. Ditto with your drinking adventures - we all want to hear about that.
  4. Post embarrassing (there is a bare and an ass in embarrassing) photos and vids of #2 and #3 highlights.
  5. Talk about how great you are and your products and services too - everybody loves that.
  6. Follow no one - just let everybody worship you. That way you become an "uber-Tweep".
  7. RT everything and everyone. The more RT's you can do in one hour, the faster you will become a thought leader.
  8. Reply to conversations with people you don't know as if you know them. That will make you look like a thought leader.
  9. Create thousands of Twitter lists. It doesn't matter what the topic is - just get on as many as you possibly can.
  10. Get as many followers as you possibly can. Use all the tools to help you get thousands per day. This is how the Twitter rock stars do it.
Did I miss any? Hope this post helps. Have a great April Fools.
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