Inbound Marketing and The Green Police

Inbound Marketing and The Green Police

By Roman KniahynyckyjFeb 11 /2010

In addition to its own social media campaign, the Audi Green Police ad has garnered a good deal of what I'll call unintended inbound marketing attention. 

Inbound Marketing Green Police

From USA Today, to liberal blogs, to conservative blogs, even to the plastics industry, everyone seems to have an opinion about The Green Police.

Here are 5 things I think Audi accomplished with its ad: 

  1. Promoted discussion - by intersecting politics, activism, and automobile technology, Audi was able to engage a wide audience.
  2. Defined its own sustainable business model - there has been a concerted effort by many companies to be both 'green' and profitable. With its clean diesel, Audi put its own environmental stake in the ground - one much different from the hybrid focus of Honda and Toyota. 
  3. Expanded the transformational experience of a car purchase - buying a new car is always exciting, but as the owner of a TDI Diesel, Audi seems to be saying you will not only be making the right choice for yourself but also the best choice for an environmentally conscious society. Everyone wins with the TDI Diesel. 
  4. Alienated certain consumers - there is a subset of consumers who were likely put off by Audi's portrayal of an increased statist presence at the expense of individual freedom. If these consumers were considering purchasing an Audi, will they still want to buy one?
  5. Overshadowed the actual product - What is the TDI Diesel's MPG? How many people can it seat? How much does it cost? None of these questions, which contribute to a purchase decision, are answered in the ad. 
Regardless of your opinion of Audi's ad, I think it's safe to say it's had an impact.
What else do you think Audi accomplished with this ad? Did Audi's message helped build the brand? Was it focused enough? Will it sell more Audi vehicles? Take another look at the ad and tell us what you think.