Health Care companies getting more comfortable with online engagement

By Chris KnipperAug 6 /2009

Since so many of our clients are in the highly-regulated healthcare industry we often are responding to many of the same questions in regards to inbound marketing efforts and specifically the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter.  How do we monitor comments?  What are we allowed to say, or not say in response to blog posts?  How do we respond to the less-than-positive contributions that come in?  Or what if they ask questions that may need oversight from a legal perspective, or a clinical perspective?


In his BlogWell New York case study presentation, "Social Media in a Highly Regulated Industry," Director of Corporate Communications MarcMonseau describes how Johnson & Johnson touches more than one billion people every day with its health care and well-being products and services. So how can social media play a role in such a regulated arena? Learn the steps Johnson & Johnson took to become more comfortable with online engagement, how social media policies are developed, the ongoing efforts to educate and inform, and how to dispel myths about the risks of social media.


BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Johnson & Johnson, presented by Marc Monseau from GasPedal on Vimeo.

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