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By John McTigueFeb 14 /2009

OK, I'm sitting down to blog on this fine morning. What to blog about?

 Let's review for a sec - why are we doing this? We're trying to increase the number of new customers and loyal followers who find us on the Internet. We think that the tried-and-true methods, like mail-outs, advertisements and e-mail blasts only work well when they are targeted and offer specific benefits, like discounts or free products and services. So what can you do to improve your "standing" in the cyber marketplace?

Inbound Marketing is based on the premise that if you become involved in a community, the community will recognize you. If you establish yourself as an expert, one who is willing to (occasionally) offer pearls of wisdom without charging $100/hour, you may attract a following. The idea is to attract your herd to your Web site, where they may be willing to engage your services or buy your products. That's done via your blog and all the social media sites you can stand to build your herd and point them in the direction of your blog.

OK, fine, we get that, but what about the blog?

Your blog needs to be interesting, informative and most importantly non-commercial. "What? I thought we were trying to get new business." Alright, calm down, this is the "art" part. Rule #1 - remember? Establish yourself as an expert, and they will come with checkbooks open. It's not quite that simple, though. Your expertise will only appeal to a certain market, so blog about what you know and don't just regurgitate other blogs you have read. Give your readers the inside scoop, and don't be afraid to express your opinion - this isn't a college thesis, it's a blog. Keep it fresh and update it often. How often? Don't force the issue. If you have something to say, say it. Otherwise, you are just wasting people's time and they will leave you. Give your herd a good reason to keep following you. Eventually the hook will set, but give it time and reel them in slowly. Oh yeah - don't forget, people have a short attention span. So keep it concise and to the point.

My 2.

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