B2B Lead Nurturing Beyond the Drip Email Campaign

B2B Lead Nurturing Beyond the Drip Email Campaign

By John McTigueJun 8 /2015

Effective B2B lead nurturing requires more than drip email campaigns.

Last week I was asked to participate in a LinkedIn Webcast entitled "Lead Nurturing Beyond the Inbox". The webcast was hosted by Sean Callahan and Cassandra Clark from LinkedIn, and I was joined on the panel by Andrew Hickey from eCornell. We were asked to discuss changes to lead nurturing in recent years, especially in the B2B arena.

Lead nurturing has become an important aspect of B2B digital marketing, helping you stay connected with your leads post-conversion and influencing them into taking further action. This has traditionally been done with "drip" emails sent out on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Since buyers have become more sophisticated in filtering, blocking and automatically deleting unwanted emails, marketers are responding with a new set of tactics, including personalized email and website content, retargeting ads and more targeted use of social channels. Sean, Andrew and I discuss our points of view and advice in the recorded webcast from LinkedIn below.

Also included are the slides we used in the webcast via Slideshare.


Live Webinar: Lead Nurturing Beyond the Email Inbox from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

My special thanks to LinkedIn for inviting me to participate in the webcast and for permission to share it with you!

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